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Intriguing Facts About Glenlivet Things You Need To Know

Posted by : Thewhisky Pedia on | Nov 26,2021

Glenlivet Scotch is one of the most beloved single malt scotch whiskies. It's also one of the most popular single malt scotch whiskies in the world. There are certain expressions of this spirit available, including Glenlivet 12, Glenlivet 15, Glenlivet 21, and so on.

 It is a classic Scotch that both traditionalists and experimental-minded drinkers alike can enjoy. When it comes to the variety of mixed single malt drinks, Glenlivet Scotch works wonderfully with something as simple as a soda or a dash of lime in your drink. 

There are two factions of connoisseurs centred around Glenlivet that are extremely serious about the way they drink it, although there are more factions that are more lenient about how they drink it. With that said, let’s take a deeper look at this popular whisky brand.

The History of Glenlivet – How It All Started? 

The brand's website boasts that it was easily the most famous name in Scotch for most of the 19th century, which is especially surprising given Glenfiddich's newfound supremacy in the modern sense. As one of the oldest brands in Scotch whisky, you might expect them to have a lead over their competitors. 

The popularity of Glenlivet Whisky began with the 1822 visit of King George IV. In the early 1820s, King George IV demanded this when he arrived in Scotland. However, whether he meant the whisky distilled on Smith's farm or any old hooch from the glen is unclear.

George Smith was the first distiller in the area to be licensed in 1824, while others were running illicit distilleries in the upper Speyside. Smith's venture was almost bankrupt. He survived by borrowing money from his landlord, the Duke of Gordon.

His neighbours threatened to burn the distillery to the ground with him inside, and in response, the laird gave him pistols after that. The Victorians had a flair for storytelling, and local distillers learned quickly that these stories are an effective way of getting people interested in whisky.   

For example, John Grant of Glen Grant would sell his legal Glenlivet as an illicit item and manage to get a higher price for it.


How Is Glenlivet Made? 

·        Fermentation 

The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made using barley sourced from Crisp Maltings, Port Gordon (Port Gordon is a village in Moray, Scotland). The barley is malted and mashed and then fermented in a wooden washback for at least two days. Most Scottish distilleries use stainless steel washback, but Glenlivet Scotch uses a wooden washback for a distinctive flavor.

·        Distillation

In addition to being distilled multiple times using Was stills, it is also distilled using a unique copper-pot still design. The copper-pot stills, which have a unique, lantern-like shape, encourage contact between the whisky and the copper. The copper strips any impurities from the whisky and provides for a lighter and purer flavor profile.

·        Ageing 

 After distillation, the whisky is placed in various types of casks including American oak, French, Oloroso sherry or a combination of multiple cask types, where it's allowed to age until it reaches its optimal flavor that The Glenlivet Scotch is known for.

Final Words 

Glenlivet is a beautiful, delicious Speyside single malt scotch. It’s utterly unique with an intriguing history, and it deserves a place on the shelf next to all of your favorite malts.