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Improve Your Branding With These 5 Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Posted by : Rashmi on | Nov 23,2018

Improving social presence is the best way to reach out to the audience today. While companies put all their efforts on building social media strategies, they forget about offline branding. This often leads to a brand gaining lesser recognition than expected. Companies must know that even Google prefers brands that are well marketed offline, because it wants to give the best to its customers.  Traditional marketing does have a lot of effect on a brand’s image. Ignoring outdoor advertisements, especially for a brand looking to spread awareness about itself is blasphemy.  In big cities like Delhi it is much easier to create awareness using outdoor ads, simply because it has so many people.

Outdoor adverts include banners, stickers, boards, standees and more. Let us take a look at some of these outdoor techniques to give your brand more recognition.             

Get Yourselves a Digital Vinyl Print:

A Digital Vinyl Printing in Delhi can be used to decorate cars, buildings or windows. An automobile ad in a crowded area could do wonders for a brand looking to spread awareness. A digital print can be made flashy or eye-catchy to attract audiences. You will find agencies that provide digital vinyl printing in Delhi almost everywhere. One brand that has made its mark as the best digital vinyl printing in Delhi is Star Digital.

A Flex board Works Wonders:

Flex Board marketing works wonders for a brand in terms of outreach. You can find flex board makers in Delhi easily as these adverts are mostly used for election campaigns and spreading brand awareness. A flex board makers in Delhi will provide you with banners about 5-6 sq. Ft in size. These life size banners easily grab attention. The flex board makers in Delhi will provide two options, one with an Iron frame and the other with a wooden frame. You might choose one of these as per your requirements.

One Way Vision Stickers:-

One way vision sticker in Delhi is mostly used in storefronts, car windshields and more. A brand can give message about its motive to the audience it wants to reach. A sticker will stay in place for a long time improving your chances to reach out to more audience overtime. These stickers are also one of the best methods to spread awareness about your brand. Agencies like Star Digital Printers provide one way vision printing in Delhi.

Standees That Stand Out:

Standees are the best way to promote your brand's motive. A standee that stands out with beautiful print is the one that will attract more audience. Standees come in a wide variety including small roll-up posters, to three-dimensional with lights and moving parts. Standees are mostly used to promote movies or to promote brands motives at events.  Standee printing in Delhi is a common way to get your brand recognition at event.

Sun board:

Digital printing agencies provide sun board printing in Delhi for brand interested in promotion. A sun board is made using a foam board, which is light and easy to carry around. Sun boards are used for store branding or large format printing.