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How to make all in time as a student

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | May 25,2018

Can you say which quality differs us from successful persons like Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Isaac Newton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Leonardo da Vinci, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg? All of them had same 24 hours like you and me. Then what is the key which makes difference? The answer is very simple they managed their time properly and most of us don’t utilize our valuable time properly. That’s why we are lagging behind day by day. For this reason, time management is considered as one of the major quality to become successful in life.

Every student wants to be a successful student. But being successful in student life is not an easy task if you don’t follow some rules and regulations. The secret of being successful largely depends on how you utilize your time. If you can do what you need to do at that particular time, then it will be much easier to become a successful student.

According to the examiners, a study says ninety percent of students can’t do well due to the poor time management. So if you want to do well in the examination there is no alternative rather than proper time management.

Here I am going to share some time management tips so that you can make all in time and also able to find moments to relax or even you can earn some money as part time job holder.

Make A List Of Your Works
First and foremost, a way of proper management of time is to make a list of all of your works. So that you can get an idea what you need to do. If you make a list of your works, then it will be a lot easier to make a plane how much you need to give time for every work.

Set The Priorities
After making the list you need to set priorities for your works.  This advance planning will allow you to make aware of doing right work at right time. As a result, it will be easier to cut a good figure in the exam.

Make A Schedule
After setting the priorities, you need to make a schedule which will respect your priorities. If you have the experience of using custom writing UK you could be able to understand how important is to make a schedule and maintain the schedule.

Nowadays making schedule has become a lot easier because of the widespread use of technology. You can use your smartphone to set the schedule. Try to make a schedule of per week as it will allow you to become more successful and maintenance of your schedule will be a lot easier.

Use A Calendar
If you really want to do your work properly then you need to follow a calendar. You can simply jot down all the important dates such as the deadline for your assignments, exams etc. This will help you more as a calendar is always visible and will work as a reminder.

Plan Logically Not Emotionally
Sometimes students become emotional and make a schedule which is unrealistic. You need to be very careful to make a schedule logically. Always remember that you are not a robot! So make a schedule that allows you to have some relaxing time. Don’t worry about relaxation and don’t consider it as the wastage of your time. In fact, this relaxing time will help to refresh your mind and boy. In the long run, this will help you to study more effectively.

Don’t Lose Any Opportunity To Utilize Your Time
This is very important as sometimes we couldn’t manage enough time to full-fil our tasks. To make up those things you can utilize your time when you are waiting for your transport or an appointment. Even you can do these tasks while traveling. By doing this regularly you will realize that maintaining schedule has become a lot easier for you.

Don't Be Afraid To Say No
The biggest problem of students is they can’t say no if someone request to do something when he/she has another task to do according to his/her schedule. So try to say no gently and find a time to do that job done. But try not to break your schedule. If you can follow your schedule, then it will be a lot easier to make all thing done in time.

Proper time management is considered as an art. But day by day it is becoming harder for students as there are many distractive elements available all around them. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to manage time properly.

If one follows, my tips I hope he or she can easily manage his or her time and can make all in time. If you have any quarry you can ask me in the comment section below and suggest me what I missed.