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How Does Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy Work

Posted by : Stem Cell Care India on | Sep 16,2020

Many patients suffer from muscular dystrophy and stem cell treatment for Muscular Dystrophy acts as a ray of hope for the patients. Firstly is it's very important to understand the diseases to know how stem cell therapy is the best treatment for this condition and how it can make the patient fit and fine.

The group of inherited disease through which the voluntary muscles becomes gradually weak and that is called Dystrophy. In this condition, the muscles of the patient have affected the most and the condition of the muscle strength tends to deplete over time.

There are also the possibilities that the important organs of the body such as the heart and other organs can also become affected and become weak.

In total there are a total of 9 variants of muscular dystrophy and they are:

·         Myotonic

·         Duchenne

·         Becker

·         Limb-girdle

·         Facioscapulohumeral

·         Congenital

·         Oculopharyngeal

·         Distal

·         Emery-Dreifuss

In Muscular Dystrophy, there is a danger to the muscles as they become weak over time and the condition continues to become worse for the patient. It is really important to start the stem cell treatment for Muscular Dystrophy as then only the patient will get relief from this condition.

The main cause of Muscular dystrophy is the inherited genetic mistake that does not let the body produce a protein that is very much essential for building up the strength in muscles.

·         It has also been observed that the children who are born with this genetic mistake do not face any issues in the first years of their life but then the issues in the muscle strength might show up.


·         It is important to know the symptoms of muscular dystrophy and to identify them so that treatment can be commenced at the earliest.

·         The symptoms of this condition are walking problems, not able to raise the foot part of the foot, and frequent falling. In this condition, the children's muscles will continue to become weak over time till the time treatment is not taken.

·         The worse conditions of the muscular dystrophy are loss in the capability of the patient to lift the objects and also loss in the ability to sit.

·         In all the types of muscular dystrophy, the weakness in the muscles is the common pain point of the patients and through stem cell, therapy provided by Stem Cell Care India is the answer to this condition.


·         The only effective way to cure this condition is with Stem Cell Care India.