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How COVID19 Changed Views of Online Food Order in Trains

Posted by : Rail Mitra on | Jul 23,2021

How COVID19 Changed Views of Online Food Order in Trains

The government has liberated many of the lockdown norms, and hotels and restaurants in India have started incorporating several COVID-19 precautionary measures. The train services have also begun by Indian Railways to transport stranded migrants and people stuck in the lockdown to their homes. But these passengers are facing difficulties in satiating their hunger during the long train journeys and complaining about the lack of food in trains. Earlier, the food was provided on the train by the pantry cars. But due to the coronavirus situation, the food service on the train has been stopped.

Concerning passengers’ problems, Indian railways have started E-catering and online order food delivery in train services. Dominos, Zomato, Swiggy and other food aggregators have already begun contactless food delivery in the country amid coronavirus. This time, a new initiative is being taken by Indian railways, i.e., contactless delivery of food in train. In this current pandemic scenario, Railways has taken several safety measures to control coronavirus spread in trains. However, the Indian Railways instructed the passengers to carry their food and water. With no means available to buy food in trains, passengers were left helpless during their long-distance journey to their home, as these foods became unhygienic and stale for long journeys.

The directive to restart e-catering in trains is a welcome measure by Indian Railways, which will help the passengers get their favourite meals in trains. As the number of trains running is being increased gradually by the Indian Railways, more passengers would benefit from this service.

Unlike before, one has to go through several stages of checks before making the food in restaurants to deliver food. In most of these restaurants, the staff’s body temperature is recorded, and they have to sanitize their hands every time they enter the premises. The food vendors strictly have to follow the ‘no mask, no food’ policy.

Is Online Order Food Delivery in Trains Safe During COVID-19?

Indian Railways authorized partner RailRestro, and RailMitra railway catering has resumed with Zero Contact Delivery in Trains. The online order food delivery in train providers requested the Ministry of Railways to let the services continue in the trains. The Ministry of Railways affirms that e-catering services operate in trains and follow hygiene protocols.


Food packets are being made available to passengers by Railways upon paying a certain amount during this pandemic.

Earlier, the IRCTC E- catering service emphasis was on good quality food that is prepared hygienically. But now, added to that is the constant effort to keep the virus at bay. E-catering companies are prioritizing hygiene and social distancing norms and timely deliveries. The utensils and crockery are appropriately washed and even sterilized. The kitchen areas are first cleaned with disinfectant thrice a day, and the staff is advised to wash their hands every 20 minutes. The contactless delivery system is opted to follow the delivery system norms in COVID-19. Online food order on the train can be done using the train food app to relish fresh and hygienic meals on the train.


Use the RailRestro App for Online Food Order in Train in COVID-19

RailRestro, IRCTC E-catering Partner follows strict guidelines to deliver food in trains and shield us from any risk of infections. From the kitchen to the delivery boy, everyone takes care of the procedures to be followed during COVID-19, as initiated by IRCTC. The process of ordering food delivery in trains online is very convenient with the use of the RailMitra App. RailRestro App is a benediction for us among the COVID-19 to get food on trains.