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How a Water Flosser helped me improve my oral hygiene

Posted by : Pooja Agrawal on | May 21,2019

How a Water Flosser helped me improve my oral hygiene

As a young energetic child, my habits were sort of (for the want of a better word) “atrocious”, which included my eating habits as well. Like every other kid and most adults, I was a chocolate lover. I would do anything to satisfy my sweet tooth. This behavior of mine became one of the biggest fears of my parents. They were kind of sure where these bad snacking habits would take me in the future. As they assumed correctly, I later got tons of dental problems like tooth sensitivity, uneven teeth, cavities and as a result, I couldn’t eat up to my full potential.

This can happen to anyone who is not careful with their habits. Bad oral hygiene can lead to the deterioration of our overall health. To keep that in check, frequent dental visits are a must. Like in my case eating those hard sugary candies for all those years made my teeth very uneven. So I received shiny dental braces to support them.

My Dentist put me on a strict diet and advised to use an antimicrobial, anti-sensitivity & anti-something toothpaste which had a very bad taste. After continuous usage of that toothpaste & regular dental checkups for a few weeks, I was given the green light. My teeth were gaining back their strength slowly but the braces were still not allowed to go.

I started digging up the internet looking for tips to maintain good oral health. I noticed that people with braces should avoid eating food that can raise the risk of cavities or damage the braces. Sugary or starchy foods can cause plaque, tooth decay and promote gum disease. Gummy and chewy foods could damage or loosen the braces making them less effective. Finally, many types of high colorant fruits and juices can make the braces stained. So, the most important point is that we should brush and floss regularly.

For me, brushing was not the concern, but flossing definitely was. It was far more difficult to use regular string flossers to clean in between my teeth with braces. This task was time-consuming and hectic. So I again looked forward to getting some help on the internet. Upon looking through plenty of websites and blogs, at last, I found something relevant to my problem.

Oracura Smart Water Flossers was the solution I was desperately looking for. They were battery-operated devices with a water jet that cleaned in between my teeth with much more efficiency. These devices are easy to operate with a trendy design and gave me more freedom with my movements while flossing. Being with braces for years, this has proved to be a blessing for my oral care. I also love the flosser’s pulsating mode which gives a gentle massage to my gums. Now, I’m a working person and even though I’ve got rid of the braces, I still maintain good dental hygiene. I still use the same water flosser to date. I keep my eating habits in check with regular brushing and flossing.


I promised myself not to allow my kids to go through what I’ve suffered in my childhood. My braces really taught me a tough lesson and made me keep my oral health a top priority.