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Home Oral Care An Essential Regime

Posted by : Pooja Agrawal on | Jun 19,2019

Home Oral Care is an important contributor to oral health which can help lessen the need for extensive dental intervention in the future - ADA.


Giving the right amount of time for an appropriate oral regime is very essential as it helps reduce the chances of suffering from any oral problems. Plus it helps save a lot of money! Oral care is not just about our teeth and mouth but is related to our overall health. It is scientifically proven that most diseases some or the other way show visible oral symptoms. This is the reason why physicians check our tongue before any medical procedures.


Brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste can be seen as a simple instructional statement, but doing so rule out a number of distinct oral problems. Some scientific compositions suggest the frequency of brushing makes a difference in our oral care. What it means is that people brushing twice a day had better oral health compared to ones who brushed once a day.


Similarly, brushing duration also plays an important role. Brushing for at least 2 minutes is the standard everyone follows. This is enough for the fluoride to settle on the teeth on all the four quadrants of the mouth. This was associated with a bigger reduction of plaque than brushing for a single minute.


Cleaning between the teeth is important in maintaining better oral health. However, most of us tend to forget about it or leave it shorthand as it takes a lot of time because of the restrictive movements with a string flosser. Here, using water flossers can help which proves to be 5x more effective in removing plaque than the traditional string flossing.


Eating a healthy diet with limited sugar intake can be the first step for better oral health. Balanced nutrition and mineral-rich diet are very important as it not only promotes good health but also delivers the necessary nutrients to the teeth, thus providing an overall better oral care. Even eating raw fruits and vegetable that contain natural fibres keep teeth clean by breaking down bacteria. Less relying on sugary foods can be beneficial because the sugar stays on our teeth providing an energy source to the bacteria which produce acids strong enough to dissolve the outer enamel. Try products which have natural sweeteners like xylitol, stevia, raw honey etc, rather than artificial processed sugar. Another thing that can be done is to put a limit on snacking. Simple chewing gum can also help in promoting saliva flow that helps wash the leftover food and bacteria from our teeth.


Everyone does their best to take good care of their teeth but still suffer from oral problems one or the other way. So it is best to visit your dentist once in a while. A professional look at those pearly whites can reveal any hidden or soon to appear oral problem. All of us should visit our dentist at least twice a year. Other things including the usage of fluoride mouthwash, power toothbrushes, interdental cleaning devices and more for more better oral care.


Dental care means including proper actions to reduce the risk of any disease. Planning an oral regime and following it could definitely make the difference.