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Home Loan Top Up

Posted by : Mohit Bansal on | Jan 18,2022

Home Loan Top Up

In these days and age, while belongings costs are increasing, maximum humans select a domestic mortgage to buy their perfect domestic. However, it’s miles not unusual place for the residence mortgage quantity to be inadequate to cowl extra greater costs which includes registration fees, indoors decoration, upkeep costs, or belongings upkeep costs. Top-up loans are available reachable in those situations. Home loan top up is a form of monetary help presented through banks and monetary businesses that allows debtors to reap credit scores similar to their main domestic mortgage.

What is Home Loan Top Up?

A domestic mortgage pinnacle up is a further mortgage quantity that a borrower can acquire further to their cutting-edge residence mortgage. The most mortgage quantity and tenure allowed below the pinnacle-up mortgage product fluctuate through a lender. Customers have the choice of acquiring a pinnacle-up mortgage from their cutting-edge lender or a unique lender through a stability transfer.

Features and Benefits of Home Loan Top Up

Some of the functions and blessings of Home Loan Top Up are as follows:

  • Longer-Term: When in comparison to a private mortgage, reimbursement of the borrowed quantity is less difficult with a pinnacle up, with payback tenure extending up to twenty years.
  • Lower Interest Rate: The hobby price provided through a residence mortgage is a lot decrease than the hobby price provided through a private mortgage. As a result, withinside the occasion of an emergency, it’s miles greatest to pick out a residence mortgage pinnacle-up. Let us evaluate the prices of a number of the maximum distinguished institutions.
  • Larger Loan Amount: The banking organization gives the choice to gain a better mortgage quantity of as much as Rs. 50 lakhs thru pinnacle up. It is critical to note, however, that the sum of the pinnacle-up mortgage quantity being given and the awesome residence mortgage quantity must be nice in the bank’s coverage restrictions.
  • There’s no want for safety: Because a residence mortgage pinnacle-up is acquired similarly to a present domestic mortgage, no extra safety is required.
  • Fulfill Various requirements: Top-up loans may be applied for quite a few purposes, along with assembly costs for a wedding, education, business, residence renovation/construction, and so on.
  • Quick Processing: Obtaining a pinnacle up takes little time due to the fact there may be no extra historical past test or documentation vital for processing.

What are the Tax Benefits of Home Loan Top Up?

Borrowers can be eligible for tax financial savings on pinnacle ups if the finances are used to renovate, expand, construct, or restore residential belongings. In the case of a self-occupied domestic, a tax deduction of as much as 30,000 at the pinnacle-up domestic mortgage is available. There is an issue at the deduction that may be taken if the mortgage is turned into used to aid apartment belonging. The deductions are a part of the general tax deduction slab of two lakhs in step with yr for the residence mortgage hobby component.


If the pinnacle-up mortgage is applied to shop for or construct a brand new domestic, each the most important and hobby additives are tax-deductible below Sections 80C and 24. (b). However, if the finances are applied for residential belongings renovation, alteration, or restoration, the deduction can handiest be claimed for the hobby component.

Please maintain in thoughts that tax blessings can handiest be claimed if the receipts and papers for the paintings are saved updated and furnished at the time of claim.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Home Loan Top Up?

The qualifying standards for the house top-up mortgage might be similar to the necessities for the residence mortgage of the financial institution from whom you’re inquiring for or have formerly acquired a domestic mortgage. This varies from a financial institution to financial institution. However, the subsequent are a few vital issues to remember:

In the preceding yr, there ought to be not a couple of EMI bounces.

If an EMI bounced, it ought to be resolved earlier than the following EMI is due.

The present domestic mortgage ought to be repaid completely within six months.

One year of clean reimbursement records is needed for top-up loans blended with stability switch domestic loans from different banks.

The trendy standards, which can be similar to domestic loans, are as follows (despite the fact that they’ll vary from financial institution to financial institution):

Age range: 21 to sixty-five years

Resident Indian or Non-Resident Indian nationality

Individuals who might be salaried or self-employed

Repaying The Top Up

After deliberating your gift mortgage stability and the pinnacle-up at their respective hobby rates, a brand new EMI quantity may be decided. If you integrate a pinnacle up with a domestic mortgage stability transfer, your new EMI quantity may be decided through whether or not you’re extending the time period of your mortgage. Once the mortgage has been transferred, you could resume making ordinary month-to-month bills on the brand new EMI quantity.

How to Apply for a Home Loan Top Up?

Applying for a top-up domestic mortgage is an easy process. You have a desire among the 2 strategies indexed below:

  • Directly practice for the top-up mortgage on the nearest HomeFirst department in which you presently have a domestic mortgage account.
  • Log in to HomeFirst’s internet site and fill out an internet software for a top-up domestic mortgage. Simply post your touch information, and our consultant will name you.

Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Top Up Lender

If you practice for a top-up mortgage out of your present domestic mortgage lender, it is able to be supplied at a better or decrease hobby fee than for present customers, relying on the financial institution. Compare the hobby costs on top-up loans at your financial institution for present clients to different banks for brand new customers to do your homework on this.

Some banks offer present customers with a lengthier tenure or stability in their residence mortgage tenure, however, others offer a confined tenure which is appreciably much less than the rest in their domestic mortgage tenure.

Some banks offer present clients a top-up residence mortgage as much as a sure amount, whilst others do not so pick the right financial institution primarily based totally in your monetary needs.

Top-up loans maybe again without penalty irrespective of which lender you use.