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Posted by : Temple Tour Online on | May 16,2019


100 from 290 to - Ancient Gujarat the state was ruled by the Mauryan dynasty.


From 300 to 450 – After the fall of the Mauryan Empire, the empire (Madhya Pradesh), Malwa, Saurashtra, Kutch and Rajasthan included.


From 460 to 800 - This area is part of the Gupta Empire, which in turn succeeded by the dynasty was established Maitraka


From 950 to 1020 - During this time of the Chalukya dynasty, that is progress and prosperity in Gujarat.


From 1022 to 1064 - Solanki was Bhimadev next famous king, the great village of Modhera, Modhera Sun Temple in Mehsana district is created. Valyo and famous Somnath temple during the reign of Muhammad Ghazni looted again in Gujarat.


From 1100 to 1270 - Jayasinghe Siddharaja great Chalukya ruler, which commemorates the victory against Paramus, Avantinatha the name was adopted. Bhimadev Solanki II (1178 to 1241) and, during the reign of Muhammad Ghori failed attempt to subjugate Gujarat


From 1297 to 1300 - Allauddin Khilji, king of Delhi, Delhi Sultanate in (Patan) Anhilwada and incorporated Gujarat destroyed. Sabarmati and Narmada rivers Vagela the same period, the main out an independent state between the Gujarat craved.




From 1411 to 1442 - Sultan Ahmad Shah restructured Ahmedabad as the capital city.


From 1476 to 1576 - The great Mughal Emperor Akbar and the Mughal Empire in Gujarat with a pair of victories.


From 1580 to 1614 - The British East India Company established a factory in Surat city.


From 1664 to 1761 - One of Chatrapati Shivaji the great Maratha leader attacked Surat between 1664 and 1679, and the city is attacked three times.


From 1770 to 1815 - Gaekwad Pilaji Maratha Empire, as the first ruler of Gaekwad dynasty, dominated Indian politics, Baroda and much of Gujarat control was established.


From 1818 to 1940 - The northern and eastern Gujarat was divided into hundreds of princely district, but the central and southern Gujarat, namely Ahmedabad (Amdavad) in various districts, (Bharuch), broach, (Kheda) Kaira, Panchmahal and Surat.


From 1947 to 1959 – The new Indian government rules by 3 large districts, such as Saurashtra, Kutch, and Bombay state in the former princely state of Gujarat has changed.


From 1960 to 1969 - Gujarat state were present on the first of May, 1960 for the state of Maharashtra bifurcation of Bombay city.


From 1970 to Present - The first capital of Ahmedabad city in Gujarat and later was moved to the capital city of Gandhinagar in 1970.


From 2003 to 2013 – Honorable Chief Minister Narendra Bhai Modi is Figure change of Gujarat State