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Here s how I bought the perfect water purifier for a healthy lifestyle

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Dec 28,2016

When living independently in a flat, I never felt the need to buy a water purifier. It was not because the quality of drinking water supply in the area was not questionable, but because I was not that conscious about my health. Spending most of my time during the week at work and almost every other weekend at a friend’s house, I couldn’t be bothered by something as inconspicuous as the quality of water in my kitchen tap.

But once my parents moved in with me to pamper me with their valuable time and company, I became aware of the requirements of my humble abode. As they were expected to stay at home most of the time, I went an extra mile to buy furniture and accessories to ensure their comfort – a king size bed, more chairs, cushions, carpets, and what not.

Amid all the shopping, one idea that struck my mind was the need of having an RO water purifier at home. For so many years, I was relying on the bottled water supplied to my home by a local shopkeeper. This was not only inconvenient, but was giving me episodes of digestive distress too. Moreover, I could not let my aging parents go through the similar ordeal.

The decision to buy a water purifier suitable for my house was not that easy. I had to consider certain aspects and do a lot of homework to reach a buying decision. I came to know that I needed a water purifier that could deal with hard water with contaminants like chloride, sulfate sulfur, etc.

During the exercise of reading up different water purifier reviews from an array of brands, I become obsessed with trying out interesting techniques and methods to check the quality of water supply at home.

I bought a home test kit to check the water purity: While searching on the internet, I came across different water testing tools. One such device was the testing kit that claimed to test the virus and germs present in the water.

But since I am not the one to be convinced easily, I started looking for other reliable options. Thankfully, Kent offered me the service of testing the water quality at home and that too for free.

A brief study about different types of water purifiers was required: Though it didn’t come as a surprise, the TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) content in the drinking water was close to 400, threefold higher than the recommended limit of 30 to 100. It took me a while to come out of the shock that I was consuming contaminated water for so long.

But, as soon as I recovered from it, I did my homework to understand the different types of water purifiers available in the market. While UV purifiers remove all the germs, virus, and bacteria from the drinking water, RO water purifiers are more useful against the water with higher TDS level. Unfortunately, the water quality at my home was too low, and I needed a rather advanced water purifying system. I was advised by the Kent representative to go for an RO + UV + UF water purifier that ensures multiple layer purification.

Different water purifiers have different maintenance needs: The maintenance of water purifier in the long run is an important issue to be addressed. I got to know that it’s better to have an extra pump for RO water purifiers if the water supply at my home does not have enough pressure.

The concern of water wastage by RO purifiers was also bothering me at the same time. But, I found a solution to this problem by deciding to use the wasted water for the cleaning purpose at home.

Water purifier reviews are a great help: Before making the final selection, I found it better to go through the water purifier reviews available on the internet. After going through them, I finally decided to buy the Kent Ace Advanced water purifier.

It comes with the advanced RO + UV + UF filtration along with TDS Controller. The benefit of TDS Controller is that the essential natural minerals are retained in the water even after different stages of purity.

After the installation of this water purifier, I had the satisfaction of doing something beneficial for my parents and my health.