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Posted by : sanchita pandey on | Oct 20,2012

A hobby is something we pursue during leisure time. Depending on our  field of interest, we start learning music, playing  an instrument, dance, taekwondo, painting etc. from a very young age. We can pick up a vocation anytime in life. But the ideal time to start learning is childhood as there is ample time, energy  and enthusiasm.

             Having a hobby is important because it keeps the mind disciplined. We learn to become constructive and at the same time hone a skill. By the time a child reaches college, he is already possessing a skill  and can earn his own pocket money.

             There are kids who enrol in different types of  classes starting from drama to music to sports. But it is advisable to learn one skill from the best teacher in the field, work hard, practise and become proficient in it. It is no use becoming jack of all trades and master of none.

            A hobby instils confidence in a person. When Sangeeta went to college, within a fortnight the whole college recognised her as their star singer! There were some students like her who  became part of a band and earned a hefty amount giving performances in marriage functions and college festivals.

             With studies, having a hobby brings out the inherent potential and God-gift in us and makes us a happier person. Later in life, such people never complain of stress because they have their love of life to sit and relax! It also enables us to make friends with people from different walks of life.

            After coming back from office, Anandita prefers to paint. Painting takes her to a different realm and she feels fulfilled and in peace. Dr. Pandey treats his patients during the day but his evenings are  reserved for playing harmonium for half an hour and then heading for his much awaited evening walk with three  of his friends. At the end of the day, he is totally rejuvenated.

           Mr. Subramanium used to learn classical music after office. Last year,  when he retired, he started teaching music to his students at his residence. He is a happy man today earning well and is well recognised and respected in music circles in the city.

            Life is a canvas on which we are free to draw and paint our own happy pictures according to our wish. We are our own worst enemies in life because we limit ourselves from venturing into learning something new. Mrs. Singh used to start weeping whenever she heard her neighbour's child sing. She was harbouring deep 'hurt' inside her. Her father abhorred music and as a result she was denied the opportunity to learn music which was her passion. At the behest of her neighbour, she did herself good by starting to learn music. Her heart's desire was fulfilled and she was a happy person again. It was better to start albeit at a later stage of life than not to start at all and keep sulking in life.

               So,  having a hobby is healthy for mental as well as physical well being. Everyone is good at something. We just have to discover what gives us fulfilment and happiness.

             There are few people whose hobbies are also their professions. For instance, Saina Nehwal, Sonu Nigam, Pete Sampras and Sachin Tendulkar. This is when one is exceptional in one's chosen field.

             That is to say, everyone must have a hobby. It can be baking, teaching, painting or playing any sport. A hobby gives us an opportunity to interact with other people while also giving us a creative occupation such that we do not waste time in gossip and negative thoughts. It also drives us to emulate successful persons in that field and learn the benefits of practise, hard work, persistence and perseverance.

 If we haven't immersed ourselves in a hobby, we have probably not known a part of ourselves! Let each one of us introduce ourselves to a hobby today and become  a happier person.