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Hatha yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Posted by : viki panwar on | Sep 10,2022

Hatha Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is well known as "The Yoga capital" of the world. It's also a place where Rishis have gained knowledge of yoga and have attained the title of Yogi through long and intense Sadhanas. These Sadhanas were performed for decades and sometimes even for centuries. Many forms/style of the Yoga system was designed based on the need of the people in those particular times. Just as every & and system works best when it is able to resolve/solve any kind of problem or suffering of the society, even these different styles of Yog are different systems that were formulated as per the need of those times.

Patanjali's Raja Yoga was written and compiled during times when yog, dhyaan was practiced daily by a larger population. Gradually, the science of Yog started to fade away as the system was not revised as per the need of the changing times. Any system will lose its value if it's not molded as per the need of the larger population. That's when Hatha Yoga was Restricted and designed based on the mindset & needs of the People of Kali Yug.

Hatha Yog system understood the agony of the people of KaliYug, having a scattered Manovrutti. Hatha yoga doesn't start with any moral code of conduct as these will simply be performed as some superficial rules and not be truly understood and embodied. It's not possible for people of Kali Yug to adhere to the Yamas & Niyamas in the first place as they have constantly been bombarded with outside unnecessary knowledge & distractions. One needs to have a certain kind of Mental Toughness & agility to follow them. And we don't it until trained vigorously. So, Hatha Yoga System Begins with Purification of Mind & Body by Shatkarma Practices. After purification practices, we start with Pranayama, Or breathwork, and so on.

Hatha yoga is the most relevant system of Yoga in today's time which is designed in a very systematic way for people to make yoga practices effective, relevant & easy to inculcate in their daily life. At @Sanskar Yoga Shala, we give you the aptest way to make yoga science your lifestyle. Right from the time, you wake up to having yoga asanas, to having your meals, and winding up your day, everything is followed here in the yogic way.

Our Hatha Yoga Teachers Training course is the perfect course that will help you to understand the impact of yoga on your life. Following a Yogic Lifestyle brings discipline, balance, and strength to our life. Practicing pranaKriya, Sattvik Meals, Asanas, Dhyan, and an overall Yogic Lifestyle helps us to be more focused and less distracted.


Check out our Hatha Yoga Program Details Below:

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India at our school to become an RYT - 200 (registered yoga teacher) with Yogic food and accommodation is the best yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh for those who has done the beginner's course or basic practices. More than this, the course can be only started when you are enthusiastic about becoming a yoga teacher, full with the techniques of meditation and yoga.

The major question, if the great Indian sages learned Yoga and Meditation after the tenacity of several years along with very rigorous work (Karma) so how can we learn it in just 24 days or 200 hours? The simple answer, you can not learn it but you can learn how to learn it. Simply means, you will learn the techniques and the way to learn to live yogic life. During the teacher training course you will be feeling an inartificial environment that helps you to connect the nature and inspire you from inside.


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