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Chaitra Navratri

Harmful Effect of Plastic over Human Beings and Animals

Posted by : Pratanu Banerjee on | Sep 09,2021

The researchers have come across pollution on the land along with waterways. It had small effect over the change of climate. It had some effect on the utilization of land in comparison to the bags. There are bags which are biodegradable. This is the worst alternative based on the influence of climate. It damages the soil. There is emission of toxic material and water pollution.


The researchers have observed toxicity directly. We have found cadmium, lead, and mercury. The experts have found carcinogens, like diethylhexyl phthalate, briefly known as DEHP. We have found disruption in endocrine system. It had caused cancers along with birth defects. There is suppression of immune system. We have noted problems in development among children.

There is a restriction of plastics which will assist in the conservation of non-renewable resource. When it is lost, this will be recovered afterwards. We have observed major harmful effects in the application of plastic. There are carbon dioxide created by the addition of the greenhouse effect. It had raised the acquisition of the waste in oceans. It is also found in the landfills.

A research has been carried out at University of Sydney. The researchers based in California have banned bag made of plastics. There is a small rise in paper bag. It had raised certain customers in purchasing plastic bags. These bags are thick. From the study made in Sydney, there is a ban of plastic bag in California. The consumption had been reduced by 71.5%. This is a significant fall of plastic utilization.

The rate of plastic bags by experts have been a threat for the wildlife. The marine wildlife could swallow the plastic bags. There might be entanglement of bags creating death or injury. The research had discovered 90 percent of the species of seabird had taken debris of plastic. There is 30 percent of sea turtles who had taken plastic debris. The biodegradable bags could be quite harmful.

The impacts are quite disturbing due to the presence of marine plastics. We have observed ingestion along with suffocation due to plastic bags. I have found entanglement among the marine species. The wildlife experts have found seabirds, fishes, whales, and turtles have died because of starvation. Their abdomen is full of plastic waste.

The expert should think about plastic as the production will never stop. The ocean is full of plastic bottles. They were used once. It had created negative influence over the human and animal life.

The physical impact over the marine life had caused ingestion, entanglement, and starvation. There is an impact of chemical. It had created organic pollutants e.g., DDT and PCBs. We have found transportation of the pollutants and invasive species. It had been carried by the rivers. These rivers were pollution and they were flown towards remote areas in ocean.

The Microplastics are entering the body of human being through direct exposure. They had taken through mouth or via air. There is significant influence over health. It consists of inflammation, oxidative stress, genotoxicity and apoptosis. There is necrosis and it is associated with negative health result. It is might be cancer or heart disease.