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Handy Packing Tips for Your Delicate Items

Posted by : on | Feb 01,2015

Handy Packing Tips for Your Delicate Items

Moving or relocating to another place brings a mixed feeling in our mind. While the excitement, of experiencing a new city or location, surrounds us, a sense, of ensuring a safe packing and moving, disturbs our mind. As you have fixed the date of shifting, the very first thing you need to take care is the task of packing. Packing the clothes and books are relatively easy than packing the delicate items like jewelries, crockery, and glass wares. These things are most valuable to every household and regarded as the priceless possession with memories attached to them. For this reason, to ensure the safety of this priceless possession you need to take optimum care. However, despite being so careful, they tend to break during the shifting. To avoid such mishap, it is better to be knowledgeable about professional way of packing your fragile items. In case you are not approaching a Packers and Movers company, then you should start packing the things possibly a week earlier. If you are looking for some useful packing tips for moving your delicate items then read on. The following tips will give you an insight how to pack your fragile items and save your money sans the cost of packing.

Make a checklist before packing your goods and accordingly start packing the items. Use sturdy cardboard boxes to pack your pictures and mirrors. These are available in all local supermarkets and are appropriate for staking frames of similar sizes. Bubble wrap or polystyrene filler is another handy packing material that should be used while packing the delicate goods. However, it has been seen that many professional packers use newspapers to pack these fragile items. If possible use plain white paper to wrap the mirror instead of newspaper as the black ink may get blotted and stick.

Electronic Devices like the TV, computer, music system, and cameras should be packed in the original manufacturer boxes to avoid any mishap, as these are equipped with polystyrene foam case for protection. You can also use sheets of Styrofoam padding while packing the larger items.

To pack your cup plates made of chinaware, use brown paper and cardboards and stack on top of one another in a corrugated box. Cardboards are also used to form individual cells for delicate items inside the box.

However, pack the plates of the same size together and avoid making mistakes of staking different sized plates haphazardly. Likewise, glasses are also fragile and need to be packed with meticulous care. Fill all the glasses with tissues, wrap individual piece, and seal with tape while packing the items. Keep a foam plate in between two plates to work as a cushion for your favorite plates for a safe delivery.

Place cushion foam at the bottom of the box before adding any wrapped pieces. Make sure that you cover each delicate item with sufficient layering and optimum padding around.

It is better to put some form of cushioning between the top and the central portion of included items, such as teapots, sugar bowls, and casserole dishes. Thus, you can enfold the whole piece to be protected so that not gets damaged easily.

You can use a corrugated box as well to pack your valued goods in a separate unit. Just ensure to fill all the extra gaps inside the box. Place the heavier and less delicate items on the bottom of the box and constitute the base layer. Once the foundation completes, fill the remaining gaps with paper or foam pellets.

Labeling is another useful packing tip for safe moving once you finished packing your goods. Since you wrap all your items like glassware and crockery, seal them with cello tape around it to ensure the durability.

Use tissue paper to wrap your necklace and other jewelries, which are always regarded as the most worthy possession. It saves your gold chain and others from getting knotted with each other. Make separate pouch for jewelries and cosmetics. Keeping them separately works well.

Additionally, use medium sized bubble wrap to cover your antiques and collectibles and seal them with tape securely. In the end, check that all boxes and other forms of containers are securely taped or not. Also, verify the box whether it can withstand the weight of the items.

Be intelligent at the end, to label the box with “fragile” as plainly and legibly written on it. There are many efficient Movers and Packers company whom you can approach if you feel helpless how to pack the fragile items. The packing tips mentioned above will surely help you to ensure safe and sound dispatching of the goods.