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Posted by : Temple Tour Online on | May 03,2019


Gujarat Wildlife another expensive foreign occupation, which is unique and special in this location. The Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat state's supreme grandeur visit. 1410 sq. km total circulation area, the mixed deciduous forests, the wild population of the Asiatic lion and half green vegetation consists of evergreen. In addition, the sanctuary of the Sambar Deer, Chital Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Langur Monkey, nilgai antelope, Chowsingha Four Horned Antelope, Chinkara gazelle, fox, and Hyena a home.

 About Sasan Gir Forest:-

The park is the lion population of three hundred. The park also has four-horned antelope, small Indian mongoose, Indian flying enemies, wild boar, Chinkara, Hedgehog ideal habitat for other species of animals, etc. Initially, the park is only fifteen tigers before it became a national park, but the 2001 census population of three hundred and thirty-eight raised for. Gir National Park is also known as another influential cheetah an important and ideal home for the animal. The park accommodates the largest population of leopards in the country. The Teak, Acacia as well as is narrative and its main trees of the forest vegetation of mixed deciduous type with the flame. And look for the best way to explore the jungle the lion's sure to run the route chosen for the 'lion shows' organized by authorities around the Dewaliya area. The show will be replaced by a jungle safari, in order to improve your chances of sighting the majestic animal's remains. Guaranteed to see lions, one interpretation is an important part of the park known as the Gir zone can enter. The zone lasts approximately four kilometres area, and the park is from Sasan Gir village's main office is situated only around twelve kilometres. Besides lions, the park is also an interesting sightseeing area. There is often history and mythology associated with each number in the corner of the house and the park. It Tulsishyam and a few ancient temples like Kankai mother. Gir national park best time to visit mid of October to mid of June but the most popular time to visit Gir is from December to March


How to reach:-

Sasan Gir is 890 km away from Ahmedabad and 165 km away from Rajkot which are big cities of Gujarat. It is well connected by rail, road and air. The nearest airport is at Keshod which is 105 km away from Sasan Gir, and the nearest railhead is at Junagadh which is 64 km away. Whereas you make a visit to Sasan Gir, a visit to the present tourist The guide is a must.