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Gaming Sector in India Local Games take the Big Leap

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Sep 25,2018

Entertainment in India is indeed a big industry. But, of late, have digital media has taken centre stage.  From online streaming platforms to online games, they are gradually penetrating every segment of the society. Online card games Rummy, Teen Patti and Poker are creating waves of change in entertainment. Little did we know that a simple card game like rummy which we have grown playing are now giving the big international games a run for their money. Yes, local games are one of the top trending games in the country. As they take the big leap against their global rivals, let’s know more.

Socio-cultural relevance
The most significant factor that works in favor of local games like online Indian rummy is their social connection. Rummy has always been a part of the Indian entertainment culture. Generations after generations, people have enjoyed playing the game with their family and friends. Indian functions and festivals are punctuated with rummy games. Thus, people can connect with the game very quickly.

Local content – the winner
The gaming community in the country has well received the localization of games by the game publishers to suit the preferences and the sensibilities of the Indian gamers. The emphasis on local content and their availability in regional languages have seen a massive surge in the quantum of online players in the country.  For instance, cash rummy which was limited to playing at clubs is now the most vehemently played online games across the country.

Free-to-play games – a big hit
The freemium games have struck the right chord with online gamers. The gamers have well received the option of free-to-play games, especially with the multiplayer rummy game. The availability of these games as mobile apps too has rendered fantastic growth to the homegrown games.

The big leap is just the beginning.
As local game publishers are giving a tooth-and-nail fight to the international labels, the big leap achieved has set the tone for a more significant competition in the future.