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Gambling is Seen as Entertainment but 61 6 of Indians Play to Win

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Oct 11,2023

The way we see and take entertainment has been transformed from head to toe numerous times over the last century or so. The first major revolution to our pastime habits was brought by the advent of radio; television followed suit quite soon, then the internet, and now we are at the height of the mobile revolution.

Casino entertainment, for example, is no longer reserved for the wealthy who can afford to visit plush locations in their fancy evening attires, so now anyone can play Casino Days or any other licensed casino platform in their comfy clothes and from their own living room sofa.

In India, however, despite the growing accessibility of information and services ensured by the massive penetration of smartphones and mobile data, the intricacies of consumer behaviour within the online gambling sphere so far have largely remained unexplored.

Survey Explores Perceptions and Patterns of Online Gambling in India

Diving into this informational gap, the research team at SevenJackpots, aided by Ken Research, have recently conducted an online survey across the most prominent States of the Union with the purpose of uncovering the preferences, habits, and general perceptions of Indian online gamblers.

The survey's findings revealed that Indian players predominantly view gambling as a form of entertainment infused with an element of risk. This perspective is held by an overwhelming majority, with 96.6% of the 2,000 participants agreeing that online gambling serves primarily as a source of amusement, SevenJackpots reports.

At the same time, while 33.7% of respondents admit to gambling on the internet only a few times a year, the remaining 66.3% of players engage in online gambling at least once or twice per month, including a substantial 40.3% who participate on a weekly or even daily basis.

The Chance to Win and Legality Listed as Key Factors for Gambling

When asked about the factors influencing their gambling behaviour, 61.6% of the respondents cited the chance of winning generous chunks of cash as a crucial motivator. The dream of striking it rich has a universal appeal and is a driving force that transcends geographical boundaries.

In addition to the desire to win, 47% of the respondents emphasized the importance of legality and regulation in their gambling decisions. This attitude reflects a conscientious approach to gambling and suggests that players are mindful of the legal landscape surrounding their chosen form of entertainment.

Interestingly, 99.6% of the respondents demonstrated at least some degree of familiarity with Indian gambling laws, with 50% saying they have some knowledge and 38.2% indicating a comfortable level of understanding of the Indian legal framework governing gambling activities.

Karnataka and Telangana Gaming Bans Send People Offshore

A notable divergence from this conscientious attitude toward legality is observed in the states of Karnataka and Telangana, where online gaming with real money is specifically prohibited. Despite the active bans, these States boast a thriving gambling scene, posing hard questions about the effectiveness of such prohibitory measures.

These observations highlight the viability of regulatory approaches as an alternative to outright bans, with the potential to offer player protection, enforce licensing standards, and promote responsible gambling initiatives.

The SevenJackpots survey provides valuable insights into the world of online gambling in India and showcases the widespread acceptance of online gambling as a form of entertainment among desi citizens, dispelling the notion that it is solely a pursuit for financial gain.

The findings from the report emphasize the need for a balanced and informed approach to gambling regulation that takes into account the preferences and behaviours of Indian players while ensuring their protection and fostering responsible gambling practices.