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Four reasons how Yoga can transform your life

Posted by : Praveen reddy on | Nov 11,2021

Yoga acts as the binding tool of body and mind. It helps your body to communicate with your mind. It enables a bridge amongst the two that, otherwise do not find a common ground or space to contact. The power of Yoga is incredible. The journey is liberating and the destination is enlightening. It's shocking how light movements clubbed with mediation and breathing techniques can have such wonders on our bodies and mind.It is even advised by psychologists and doctors to practice basic yoga poses. Yoga isfree but its benefits stand countless. It helps to calm your mind and unclog the trapped thoughts. It filters all your negative thoughts imparting optimism to you. Not only psychological, but it has various physical benefits as well.

It helps in increasing strength and flexibility. When you perform these light Yoga movements, you can incorporate balance and flexibility into your life too. It works wonders for back pain and Arthritis symptoms. Anyone that has set his foot on this incredible journey has never got to regret it even once. It is a transformational journey that transforms you inside and out. Your perspective changes and you are left behind with more calm and radical thoughts


Yoga changes your perception entirely. Earlier, Yogis used to perform Yoga to reach the stage of Nirvana and Salvation. They used to entitle their entire lives to Yoga to achieve the liberation of mind and soul. Yoga liberates you. It lets you think above the level of worldly desires and superficial attributes. With Yoga, you are born with a new perception where inner peace is all you will care about. It shows you the path of enlightenment. And, when you have a balanced mind, your decisive nature comes into play. You can perceive every situation elegantly and thoughtfully without any signs of panic or impatience.

Increased levels of focus and concentration:

Another benefit of Yoga is elevated levels of focus and concentration. Meditation clubbed with Yoga helps your mind to calm down and focus on more important things. When you can control your mind and body into sitting in one position following a regulated pattern of breathing, you are increasing your levels of focus. This helps you a lot in real life too. You can focus on everything you do give it undivided attention because that is what practicing Yoga enables you to do. Even in times of fear and resentment, you are able o focus more on solutions rather than following the pattern of panic and anxiety.

Better Sleep:

Another, by-product of practicing Yoga is better to sleep. Individuals struggling to deal with the hustle and bustle of modern life can switch to Yoga like restorative Yoga, Savasana, and Pranayama that works wonders for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Yoga not only helps in flushing out the toxins from your body but your mind too. It ensures better sleep once all your negative thoughts are replaced with optimism and tranquility. It calms your nervous system thus ensuring better sleep. According to a national survey of Harvard Medical School, it was found That Yoga cured sleep problems in approximately 50% population and helped to reduce stress in approximately 80% of individuals. The constant rat race that we are running for has shunned our mental state and the willingness to sit back and rest, thus increasing levels of stress and anxiety. Yoga is like a free stress buster tool that works great for repelling anxiety and depression.

It makes you strong physically:

Yoga sessions are great for increasing immunity. Stretching and contracting muscles increases the drainage of immune cells that helps to fight infection and destroy cancerous cells. It increases your heart rate which lowers any possible chance of heart attack and can help relieve depression as well. According to studies, Yoga can increase endurance and elevate your maximum uptake for inhaling oxygen which results in improved aerobic conditioning. It also helps in lowering your blood pressure by simply lying on the couch and practicing Savasana. It even lowers your cortisol levels whose excess amount can hinder the proper functioning of the immune system.

A piece of short and brief information has been provided on how Yoga can help transform your life in four magical ways. For those who still doubt the benefits of yoga, you can opt for transform Your Life 30-Day Yoga Challenge, which will require you to practice Yoga for just 30 days and then witness the changes within you, both physically and mentally.