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Five ways to find information on internet

Posted by : Puspal on | Aug 28,2019

Do you sometimes cannot find exactly what you are looking for? A few search methods will improve the probability of getting more accurate information while searching in the web via a search engine.


1.     Be specific. Using specific keywords to look for the information you want is very important to get the exact information you want. More specific you make your search; the more likely you will find what you are looking for. For example if you want information about Environment protection laws you should search for “Environment protection laws” and not only Environment laws. If you add your location you will get information related to the local.


2.     Surrounding in quotes will yield specific results as the search engine will read the exact information related to those words. This will save time as well as lot of unnecessary surfing.


3.     Stop words or Logic operators, using of “and”, “or”, and “not” will make it simpler. For example using “-“( a minus symbol) will help refine the search better by excluding some more unnecessary information and be more specific. For example, if you want to search pages for astronomy but want to ignore anything to do with mars, moon and the sun you could use  the following “ astronomy-mars-moon-sun”


4.     Know the available features that the particular search engine is providing. Different search engines offer different and sometimes varying features or facilities such as greater variety or auto complete results or may be wide range of services and news. Choose your need.


5.     Try alternate search engines if you want developed and all round information and support it will different researches and write ups on the same. Different search engines will add different dimensions to the information and you will be better informed.