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Favourite International Tourist Destinations of Indians

Posted by : Manya Singh on | Feb 27,2013

One of the most common inherent traits which is present in all kinds of people in the world is the urge to travel and visit new destinations. It is for this purpose that numerous locations throughout the world are deemed as tourist destinations. Almost all countries in the world put a lot of importance on developing the state of their tourism in order to attract foreign and national tourists. This in turn proves to be extremely beneficial for the country’s economy.

Indians in general take a lot of pleasure and interest in travelling and tourism. Today, it is a very common sight where people can see Indians in different countries in the world. There are a lot of places throughout the world which can be considered as the favourite international destinations of Indians, but there are some places which take the cake when it comes to being popular destinations for travel.

Whenever people talk about some hill station, the most common name which comes into their mind is Switzerland. Hence, it can be surely considered that Switzerland tourism is the quintessential holiday hill resort. Switzerland, being one of the richest countries of the world was quite expensive for people to travel to. But today, it can be seen that more and more people throughout the world and especially Indians are travelling to Switzerland in order to escape the tropical heat. Lower and cheaper air fares have a lot to do with the increase in Indians travelling to Switzerland for their vacations. The natural beauty of Switzerland really does not need to be reiterated. One can say without the shadow of a doubt that Switzerland has been truly blessed by nature as it presents some of the most striking and wonderful landscapes that are the stuff which dreams are made of. International tour packages are available in abundance for those who are looking to avail them.

Another extremely popular destination for tourism is Mauritius. This island in the Indian Ocean has become an extremely popular destination among Indians, so much so that a significant percentage of the population of Mauritius consists of people of Indian descent. International tour packages from India are available for people who are looking for a budget friendly tour of this beautiful island nation. Being an island, one can expect pristine beaches, mouth watering cuisines, beautiful locations and friendly locals when people visit Mauritius for their vacation. These are just two of the many favourite international destinations of Indians.

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