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Posted by : sanchita pandey on | Oct 11,2012


Fast food chains, as the name suggests, are  restaurants where you get eatables like burgers, pizzas, hamburgers etc. and self help  is the mantra. Today, fast food chains like McDonald's and KFC need no introduction. They are multinational brands and not without any reason.

             These and other such fast food joints are spread across many countries. They give utmost importance to quality, freshness of ingredients, mostly specialise in particular eatables like burgers, and pizzas etc. They offer food which is worth every penny that you spend. So, the customers go back again and again to their favourite fast food chain and all age groups, especially children , the working and on -the - move professionals including families, love to visit these  where ever they find one.

                  Cleanliness is their password ---- whether you prefer to eat sitting in their premises or you give orders for take away. You can be yourself in such places ---- much better described as ''home away from home'' : No formal table etiquettes or cutlery is required in such a restaurant, but still it remains special due to its simple ambience and overflowing customers. You get to choose from sandwiches, fried chicken, pizza, ice-cream, hamburgers etc. , all handed to you by clean hands wearing proper gloves, freshly prepared and so fast that your order is ready before you can select a place to sit!

              With special play areas and combo-menus with toys for children, you don't think twice before opting to go to any fast food joint of your choice. They can even boast of several branches in the same city. Premises are booked for birthday parties  and guess what such a birthday party is remembered for ? Yes, of course,  menu as also the  venue!!