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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Health Insurance Policy in Switzerland

Posted by : Anna Ruth on | Sep 20,2019

Buying a health insurance policy is the first step for preventing any medical uncertainties in life. Uncertainties are unpredictable one never knows when a medical emergency will occur. 


Having a health insurance policy provides us with the best chance to shape our lives in extreme medical emergencies. A health insurance policy provides monetary protection to an individual from the unforeseen risks of life so that financial worry is the last thing on mind. 

Few important factors that are considered before buying a health insurance policy in Switzerland are listed below.


1. The efficiency of the claims process 

Before buying health insurance you need to learn about the claim process. If the process is not efficient in the case of a medical emergency it can bring big hindrance. An individual needs to learn about the claim process whether it is simple or not. The efficiency of the claiming process should be well researched before buying the policy from an insurance provider. It requires to compare various policies and providers before selecting a company which is efficient for the claim process.


2. Medical facilities

Before buying a health insurance policy it is important to check the various medical facilities covered in the policy. Under a health insurance policy, an individual can avail some of the best medical treatments for a speedy recovery. Therefore it is important to check the available medical facilities covered under the policy.   

3. Medical expenses

Medical treatments are expensive in nature, even a minor medical treatment can cost a lot of your savings. Having a health insurance policy can provide a compensate assurance for medical expenses.


4. Network hospitals

There are various hospitals associated with the health insurance provider that enables a wide range of options to choose from. It is important to foresee various hospitals covered under the policy.


5. Pre hospitalization

Before buying a health insurance policy it is important to check for pre-hospitalization coverage- a medical expense charged before the hospitalization of an individual. Under this coverage, the expenses incurred before hospitalization of an individual is covered which benefits the policyholder with cashless treatments


6. Post hospitalization

Similarly, post-hospitalization is a medical expense charged after the hospitalization of an individual. It is required to calculate the post-hospitalization charges to measure the cost covered by the insurance provider.


7. No claim bonus 

Many insurance providers offer no claim bonus if the policyholder has not lodged any claims. In such a scenario either the cost of the premium is decreased or the sum insured is increased.


8. Free medical check-ups

It is important to look for a health insurance policy that entitles policyholder for free medical check-ups which in future prevents an individual from diseases.


9. Lifetime renewal

This factor ensures lifetime validity of health insurance. It is important to look for a policy which has lifetime renewal since it will not require any age limit for the policy to end. 



These were some important factors to be considered in Switzerland before buying a health insurance policy. Considering the above-mentioned factors will surely enable an individual to select the right policy.