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Factors That Affect Solar Plant Generation

Posted by : YourEnergy on | Apr 20,2020

Factors That Affect Solar Plant Generation

Different Solar panels have different power ratings, efficiency ratings and degradation in generation ratings, which can be checked before buying solar panels but there are various real world and installation factors that must be kept in mind to get maximum electricity production before solar panel system is installed on the roof. 

So, if you are planning to buy and install solar panel system the following four points must be kept in mind to get the best electricity production.

1) Shadow .  Shadow on solar panels adversely affects the electricity generation of your solar system installation. As the solar panels are arranged in series shadow on one panel affects the generation of the whole series. So, if your roof is shaded by some building or tree  then solar might not be a good choice for you. Before going forward with the installation just call our solar advisor for the site assessment.

2) Climate/ Season.  As the weather changes day by day the solar energy production also varies day by day. There is a common misconception that modules will produce more electricity in extreme hot weather conditions but its not 100% true, it is right that more electricity is produced during sunny summer days but extreme temperatures causes over heating of the solar panels which in turn reduces efficiency of the solar panels . According to the manufacturing standards, 25 °C (77 °F) temperature is the optimum temperature range of solar panels. It is when solar photovoltaic cells are able to absorb maximum sunlight with maximum efficiency and when we can expect them to simply work the best.

3) Tilt. The tilt of the solar panels have a major impact on the electricity generation and overall output of your rooftop solar panel system. Ideally the tilt of the solar panels should be adjusted according to the season as sun is higher during summer season and lower in the winter, but that is not practically possible. So, to overcome this difficulty the solar panels must be installed at the angle of the latitude of the area of installation where they are mounted. For example the tilt angle of solar panel installation in Uttar Pradesh, India should be around 27 degrees as the latitude of Uttar Pradesh, India is approx.. 27 degrees.

4) Azimuth angle. The solar azimuth angle is the horizontal orientation of  your solar panels. The best direction to position your solar panels is towards 180 degree south. The wrong azimuth angle can reduce the electricity production of your solar panel system by upto 30%.

For any questions about your solar system installation call our solar advisors for help.