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Fact about TEC Certification – Corpseed

Posted by : khushi tayal on | Jul 25,2020

TEC (Telecommunication Engineering Center) is a Government body for the Testing and maintenance of standards for the Department of Telecom, Government of India. TEC takes care of measuring and verifying products for the Telecom Industry.

As of October 1st, 2018, the Government of India, Department of Telecommunications, formally executed mandatory measuring & certification of all telecom equipment that is to be marketed or imported into India for selling purposes. Telecom Equipment Certification (TEC) period valid for five (5) years. TEC-accredited lab test records or any different labs certified from MRA partner countries can be used to obtain TEC. Those test reports are confirmed inside one (1) year of generation. Operators will also be capable to obtain group or family certifications but necessity meet particular parameters set by DoT. It is to be leading that Telecom Equipment Certification must be obtained before the sale and import of telecom equipment into India. Through the Indian National Policy 2012 & amended Telegraph rules 2017, measuring & certification of all telecom products are mandatory to make sure safety to connect & seamless functioning in enduring & future network. All Telecom Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) requires to have their projects certified by Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC). For testing purposes, there are four regional telecom engineering centers (RTECs) like Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

These products are not covering under TEC

  • Test Instruments
  • Batteries
  • Passive Telecom Components which includes Antennae, Towers, Smart Cards, Waveguides, etc.
  • Power supplies
  • Spare Parts / Modules/ Components
  • Integrated systems and networks containing more than one telecom device
  • Solar Equipment

TEC certificate guarantees the security and standard of the facilities. Details below

The Indian telegraph rules 2017, announced that all OEM or Unique Equipment Manufacturer or importer who wants to market each telecom products in India must obtain a TEC certificate and check or fix the product with proper certificate labels.

To preserve end-users by assuring that RF or Radio Frequency emission from equipment does not top the approved standards.

That the telecom devices comply with relevant national and international rules & technical specifications.

TEC certificate makes sure that telecom devices does not diminish the performance of a current network where it is connected.

To assures the safety of the product.

The telecom products match all TEC supported ERs or mandatory standards.

Type Approval

Type approval is the method of testing and certification of telecom product, under Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) of TEC, for conformance with the Generic Requirement GR of the product assigned by TEC.

Interface Approval

Interface Approval is the method of testing and certification of products coming under the telecom category, in accord with Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) of TEC, for conformance with the Interface Requirement (IR) of the product published by Telecommunication Engineering Center.

Certificate of Approval

Certificate of Approval is the method of testing and certification of telecom products as per the manufacturer’s technical terms. This certificate is declared only when TEC does not have a Generic or Interface Requirement of the product. The testing shall be conducted following the Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) established by the Telecommunication Engineering Center.