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Everything You Need To Know About The POS System

Posted by : Rashmi on | Dec 05,2018

We start a business, we start attracting customers, but how do we take care of all the transactions, employee details, or inventory details? Well, in this very article we are telling you why you need to get the POS systems for your businesses. And if you are someone starting a business in Delhi, we will also tell you where to get the Best POS Software Delhi.

What are POS systems?

Basically a POS is a system that allows processing and recording of transactions between company and consumers during the purchase of goods and services. POS or Point of sale is the transaction of money in return of goods and services. Vendors generally use barcode scanners, cash registers or weighing scales to calculate the customer owed amount. Businesses are increasingly opting for POS systems currently, simply because it helps in getting rid of the price tags. POS systems today are highly developed and provide a range of featureas like CRM, Financial management, inventory management, warehousing and scheduling employees.

History & Developments in the POS systems:

Earlier the cash registers we controlled with a software that was proprietary. The machines were limited in function and communication back then. William Brobeck introduced the first microprocessor controlled cash-register systems. It was used in McDonald’s restaurant chain. The system used an Intel 8008 chip.

In the recent times, a lot many POS applications have been developed with the help of platforms such as Unix and Windows. Today’s POS systems are highly sophisticated including features like quotation issuing, purchasing orders, barcode creating and more.

Cloud Based POS:

Cloud computing has further opened up a lot of possibilities in the advancement of the POS systems. Thanks to the cloud computing, the POS systems are now developed as software as service. These softwares are capable of being accessed through the Internet directly.


With the ever improving technology, today it is possible to completely automate an electronic cash register. Automated systems make things even easier when it comes to inventory management, streamline operations, employee management, data extraction or even selling products. If you are someone looking to get an automation software Delhi,you can easily find companies selling some of the best retail automation software in Delhi. Due to the increasing demand for automated machines there is an increased demand for dealers in retail automation software in Delhi NCR.

Where to Buy a POS system?

The internet is a huge platform, where you can buy anything at the click of a button. If you are someone who lives in Delhi, you could search for Best POS software Delhi.