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Chaitra Navratri

Everything you need to know about Stomach Infection

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Oct 18,2019

Stomach infection, also known as bacterial gastroenteritis, is caused because of bacterial gut infection leading to inflammation of intestines. You may experience typical symptoms like vomiting, fever, and stomach aches. A bacterial infection is a common cause of stomach flu, whereas viral infection may lead to severe issues. The infection may also be called food poisoning, depending upon its factors. Poor hygiene and not following proper hand washing techniques is a significant cause of these infections, which tend to occur frequently.

Stomach infection can be prevented with proper diet, use of clean drinking water, healthy hygiene practices, and the likes. In case the disease has occurred, take appropriate diet for stomach infection. Increase the intake of healthy foods and avoid street food or outside food, which may be prone to contamination.

Symptoms of Stomach Infection
Gastroenteritis affects your intestines, having some common symptoms such as:

- Loss of appetite
- Constant fever
- Blood in stool
- Diarrhea
- Vomiting and nausea
- Abdominal pain and vomiting
- Occasional muscle or headache

If all these symptoms do not vanish after five days, you may contact your doctor. Children having the same symptoms must be taken to a doctor after 2 or 3 days. All such signs, if having lower intensity, can be cured at home by following a proper diet for stomach infection and maintaining hygiene.

Diet for Stomach Infection
During gastroenteritis, one should eat as healthy as possible and include more liquid intake. A proper diet for stomach infection is vital to heal the infection in intestines and gain muscle strength. Make sure to stay hydrated

Food to include in diet:

- Fluids: Diarrhoea and vomiting can dehydrate your body. You should add plenty of water in your diet and other clear drinks to gain lost body fluids. Try taking water in small intervals and small quantities. For infants and toddlers, you can go as per the doctor’s recommendation.

- BRAT Diet: BRAT stands for Banana, Rice, Apple sauce, and Toast. These food are rich in fiber, which helps to make your stool hard in case of diarrhea. Banana has other vital nutrients like potassium, which helps regain lost nutrients due to dehydration.

- Tea: Caffeine-free tea helps replenish lost liquids. The ingredients of tea like ginger can help cure nausea and calm stomach-ache.

- Turmeric and Cinnamon: These spices, when added to your food can help lessen gastroenteritis.

- Ice Chips: If you have trouble keeping foods down, you may try ice chips. Sucking on ice chips help regain hydration. It must be noted that it is ideal for adults as children might face choking as a result.

Food not to include in diet:
It is recommended not to fast if your stomach is upset or have a stomach infection as it may only worsen the condition. Diet for stomach infection doesn’t have any hard and fast rules, but there are some foods that you must avoid not to get the intensity of disease increased.

Some foods to not include in your diet while you have stomach flu are:

Foods which you are allergic to

- Beverages comprising caffeine such as coffee and soft drinks

- Foods having high fats like street food or fast food, pizza, and fried food

- Sugar containing foods and beverages like sweetened beverages, fruit juices with high quantity of sugar

- Lactose containing food and drinks like milk and its products

People recovering from viral gastroenteritis or stomach flu can avoid lactose food for more than a month for a full recovery.

Precaution is Always Better Than Cure
Taking precautions at home is the first and foremost step once symptoms are recognized. These steps can also be included in your daily routine to avoid any disease caused due to improper hygiene and diet. Ensure that you maintain healthy hand hygiene by using anti-bacterial soaps like Dettol Handwash, that eradicate any germs that transfer inside your body through your hands. Hand washing is one of the most underrated activity, it has a long-term affects to your health. If proper diet for stomach infection doesn’t cure your symptoms and prolongs for many days, it is only advisable to consult the doctor.

Take proper rest until you feel relieved and timely consult a doctor.