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Everything you need to know about registering a business in India

Posted by : Ishita Ramani on | Oct 11,2021

Registering a business in India is a very quick and online process. India is a land of infinite opportunities and a skilled workforce as one would agree. Starting a business in India and Investing was never so easy, cheap, and quick. One can start a wholly-owned Indian subsidiary anywhere in India. There are no state-specific laws to register your business in India. There is only one central law that governs the Indian Subsidiary Setup across India. All you need is a resident Indian director (not necessarily a shareholder but can be an employee!) and a rented (virtual) place of office to get going. 100% ownership, strategic decision -making and control of operations rest with your parent company always.


Minimum Requirement for Indian Subsidiary:

  • Minimum two directors are required for incorporation of the Company. At least one should be a resident of India.
  • No minimum capital required to form an Indian Subsidiary Company in India.
  • Indian Subsidiary Company must have minimum of two shareholders. Shareholders can be either individual or any entity or a combination of both.
  • The Parent Company must hold 50% of total equity share capital
  • Director Identification Number for all Directors