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Dr Kannan Vishwanath receives first generation Entrepreneur Recognition Dr Datsons Labs as Transformational Pharma Company Award at Asia’s Top Pharmaleaders Power Brand Award 2014

Posted by : Sangeeta Singh on | Dec 30,2014

Dr. Kannan Vishwanath receives first generation Entrepreneur Recognition & Dr Datsons Labs as Transformational Pharma Company Award at Asia’s Top Pharmaleaders Power Brand Award 2014

Dr. Datson Labs set to begin the new year with a strong business expansion with an eye to capture the European Market as the Company receives “Transformational & Come Back Pharma Company of the year 2014” & Dr. Kannan Vishwanath, Vice Chairman & MD, Dr Datsons Labs as First Generation Entrepreneur of the year 2014.


Tuesday, 29th December 2014, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Dr. Datson Labs, an integrated pharmaceutical company, engages in the research, development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) bulk drugs, and branded and generic finished dosage forms for various therapeutic segments in India received a feather in its cap as the Company bagged the most prestigious “Transformational & Come Back Pharma Company of the year 2014” & Dr. Kannan Vishwanath, Vice Chairman & MD, Dr Datsons Labs was voted  as First Generation Entrepreneur of the year 2014 at the asia’s biggest & nation’s most awaited healthcare summit & Awards organized by healthcare communication leader Pharmaleaders ( www.pharmaleaderes.tv ) , the 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2014 ( www.pharmaleaders2014.com ) held in Mumbai on 26th December 2014 at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai, India. Mr. Ajit Singh, Chairman of the Associated Capsules Group also known as ACG World Wide conferred the awards to the deserving & luminaries of the pharmaceutical & the healthcare industry in the presence of Mr Satya Brahma of Pharmaleaders Group.

Dr. Datsons Labs received the recognition because of the forward looking approach of the company with the risk taking abilities in the current tough situations at a time when Pharma industry is facing a tough task in pricing, clinical trials hurdles & regulatory approvals. “This Award recognizes Dr Datsons ability to stay ahead in competition” said Mr Shukla, Sr Vice President, Operations of Dr Datsons Labs while receiving the coveted recognitions. Dr. Datsons Labs will look at the new year with an increased technology innovations & wider market access added Shukla while addressing the 300 strong veterans of the Pharma Industry present at the Pharma Summit & Awards 2014.

The company provides anti-malarial, expectorant, emetic, CNS, anti retro-viral, ace inhibitor, erectile dysfunction, animal health, anti-cancer, and diabetic APIs, as well as pain management products. It also offers formulations, such as anti-malarial finished dosages, animal health products, anti TB drug therapy products, expectorants/cold preparations/mucolytes, lozenges, multi vitamin syrups, analgesics, anti-obesity products, erectile dysfunction and hormone replacement therapy products, and topicals. In addition, the company is involved in the provision of contract research and manufacturing services for various Indian pharmaceutical brands in the areas of APIs, branded and regulated generics, and novel drug delivery systems. Dr.Datsons Labs Limited provides its products in the form of lozenges, liquids, topicals, syrups, ointments, and gels. The company also exports its products to 60 countries. The company was formerly known as Aanjaneya Lifecare Limited and changed its name to Dr.Datsons Labs Limited in August 2013. Dr.Datsons Labs Limited was incorporated in 2006 and is based in Taloja, India. Originally launched in 1999 as the Pharma Business & Technology Excellence Awards, The Excellence Awards were first produced for the first time in India by the PHARMA BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE as a means of honoring innovation in pharmaceutical marketing, corporate governance and research and development & Lifetime Achievements category. Pharma Excellence Awards were produced by PHARMA BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE Awards in India and expanded to recognize global corporate citizenship and individual achievements. Over the last one decade, Pharmaceutical business leadership awards 2012 has been re-evaluated and recast to focus more on business -scientific accomplishments in the biotech industry with a significant thrust in academic pharmaceutical research. The set of awards have been presented since last one decade at a sold-out gala to over 500 industry executives and leading academic scientists from around the world. Each Award or Nomination are being screened by the Board Members of Pharma Leaders Group consisting of 12 Member Team & than further approved by Network 7 Media Group Juries consisting of eminent members of the Healthcare Community. After through screening, the names of four Nominees emerge out & are thrown out to public by E-mail Voting, Than SMS Voting followed by the final verdict of the Jury Members. The Awards demonstrate how companies can, through their core business activities, help achieve excellence in innovations. The 2014 Award Nominations has been given explicitly to companies delivering inclusive business models which are sustainable, commercially-viable business initiatives that expand access for low-income people to goods and services, or improve their livelihoods by engagement in value chains as direct employees, suppliers or distributors, while also generating sales and profit growth. By bringing together examples of innovative, effective business practices, 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Awards will also provide leading businesses and entrepreneurs with a valuable platform for networking and sharing experiences, and promote best practices. This has encouraged other businesses and governments to replicate and scale initiatives. In 2011, the Awards received an unprecedented 172 nominations, representing a variety of business and commercial endeavors undertaken by business associations, non-governmental organizations and individual companies from more than 9 countries with a sample size of 5 Lakh 56 thousand & 674 voters spread across 21  states & 4 industry verticals via online, sms & physical interviews . Past Award winners have shown how companies can help boost sustainable growth and development & they can be a tremendous source of innovative and sustainable solutions, which help transform people’s lives for the better. “These Awards will highlight the critical role of the private sector in stimulating sustainable economic growth and development. A detailed Analysis of career graph/History or notable achievement is looked at to get the final four names. Such as, Financial management,  Decision making roles and business impact. •Business ethics, Managing rapid growth, Innovation.Adapting to change. Strategic partnerships. Leadershiproles.Marketing strategies.Corporate philanthropy to society. Innovation With Sparking Discovery will Drive Pharmaleaders at 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2013 .The journey that Pharmaleaders undertook till date has been marked by many momentous, outstanding & long standing occasions. Each year we hosted the Pharmaleaders Program, We only meant to salute the visionary leaders, small or big in size or in financial numbers, we had a clear agenda that we are not going to follow the routine & stereo-type award nomination mechanism where there are only selected companies, personalities who are constantly in the limelight. Pharmaleaders broke the rule book & made an exception. We looked at people who were working behind the scene & never wanted any media glare nor any publicity!. Our Research team took a gigantic task of uncovering the “unsung pharmaleaders” who has been spectacular in their own sphere be in Healthcare, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc. Our quest of crowning the Pharmaleaders were twofold, those who imbibed innovation with risk taking abilities, to break the rule & make an exception, to show the world that they exist in their own world, in their own way, demonstrable leadership & critically acclaimed leadership. We were never tired, we continued to mix existing bigwigs with the companies & individuals relatively unknown & made them king. We looked at sheer passion, excitement & a sense of pride each time we crowned a Pharmaleader in the platform after a rigorous voting methodology. The Pharmaleaders has been tested & were thrown to the various stakeholders to vote before being crowned. We even stunned some big names when the unsung pharmaleaders were crowned against the mighty of bigwigs. We believed in the spark of innovation year after year as we continued our quest for celebrating the ultimate pharmaleaders experience since 1999. We were the earliest media house to recognize the talents & created Pharmaleaders platform that were imitated by many & became the trendsetters. We are happy today, when we notice the rise of companies in Healthcare to honour the achievers. In the early stage of our momentus journey, we recognized the veterans & legends who are now no more but our spirit of leadership are still reverberating in the reception of companies. Late Dr Parvinder Singh of Ranbaxy who built india’s first MNC, Dr Anji Reddy of Dr Reddy’s Labs, Mr. Indravadan A. Modi of Cadila, Mr Jagdish Saxena of Elder Pharmaceuticals or The former Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), Dr M Venkateswarlu are the few notable names.” Said Satya Brahma, Editor-In-Chief of Phrmleaders Group.


Dr. Datsons Lab Ltd, formerly known as Aanjaneya Lifecare Ltd, BSE code (533412) is a vertically integrated company having state-of-the-art; WHO GMP approved facilities for manufacturing bulk drugs at Mahad and finished dosage forms at Pirungut near Pune. It is one of the largest contract manufacturers of codeine based cough syrups in India. The company exclusively manufactures the Codorex Brand of Zydus Cadilla and Codilite Brand of Tablets India Ltd. amongst others.The company raised about Rs. 117 crore from its IPO and the funds are being used to built new capacities along with the refurbishing of Research & Development centre. The new facilities being created as part of CAPEX are using eco friendly, recyclable material and will be rated by LEEDS once completed.The Facilities being established will comply with the latest European & US guidelines. With new capacities to be added in next 6 to 9 months the company will be expanding operations in emerging markets of South East Asia, Africa & South & Central America and its domestic operation in branded generics segment. The company with its manufacturing facilities –in Mahad, Hyderabad and Pune has to its credit many achievements. It is the world’s third-largest manufacturer of quinine salts in the world . Only nine companies globally manufacture quinine salts.One of the largest codeine based formlulations manufacturer in the pharmaceutical sector. One of the largest manufacturer of multi- flavored Lozenges in  medical products in India. The company pioneered the recognition that lozenges represent a stable platform for the delivery of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients. Dr. Datson’s Nicco Nil lozenge is a first-of-its-kind  hard boiled lozenge remedy for smoking de-addition; its Relacs is a first-time lozenge against insomnia and Arecta Plus, a lozenge variant for Erectile Dysfunction, is a first of its kind . The company has an expertise in opportunity spotting and innovation. The company’s success has been built on a business model that integrates Research, Innovation and Knowledge. The company has invested in building proprietary Knowledge through research and acquisitions. Dr. Datson’s competence has been validated through patents granted by international and Indian authorities. Production of Quinine Sulphate increased 30% in 2011-2012. Sales of Quinine Sulphate grew 45%. Exports increased 250% from Rs 10 Crore to Rs 31 crore. Added 35 international and 50 domestic clients. Completed trials for Bromexine(expectorant)a new API that will be launched in 2012-1023. Highlights 2011-2012 for Finished Dosage Forms. Launched ‘Rancorex’ an in-house codine based cough syrup brand for the first time in its history. received the Kenya PPB GMP approval from all facilities namely lozenges,liquids and ointments. Received registration for ‘Arecta Plus’(a lozenge variant of Viagra tablets)from Sierrs Leone and Libya; received the first export order for this product to be executed in 2012-2013.

Pharmaleaders is  India’s first opinion based & research driven bi-monthly magazine & has a decade of relentless reporting in Pharma Journalism in an unbiased, fearless & independent way. Over the last one decade, The Magazine has covered some of the biggest voices in healthcare Industry. Available both in digital & printed format, Pharmaleaders has emerged out as a leading title in voicing the opinion of the healthcare industry to the statutory Authorities like Ministry of Health & Family Affairs, Dept of Chemicals & Fertilizers, DCGA, FDA & many other institutions to present the pressing demands of the healthcare industry. Network 7 Media Group Media Outfit, a unit of Pharmaleaders, is a result of emergence of an extreme thought process in the form of some of the biggest & exclusive media properties that arose due to the frustration & disappointment of the present status-quo of the society in existence in the form of a careless & extremely insensitive administration of a large set-up. Network 7 Group has continuously strived to expose the misdeeds of the corrupt administrative fabrics or poor legislation or failure of a large entity in corporate governanance. Distinctively standing out of other media initiatives, Network 7 group has been in the forefront of championing the cause of good governance , fair, unbiased & independent reporting in national & international fields. Driven by the objective to address & deliberate some of the burning issues, sometimes neglected causes, Pharmaleaders is pioneering the concept of introducing a fierce democratic process in the form a mass resistance in bringing into the forefront of issues that matter most in the form of digital, printed, published, conclaves, summits & even in blogs & letters shoot out to the authoritative.  Headquartered in Mumbai, Network 7 Group Media Outfit is backed & operated by some of the biggest think-tanks of the contemporary society whose ideas & actions are reflected in the form of editorials & exclusive news findings. Network 7 Group Media is present in the form of digital media production, publications, high-profile international events & healthcare communications.

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