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Do It Yourself Techniques Might End Up Affecting Your Home Insurance

Posted by : HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited. on | Mar 20,2015

The concept of Do It Yourself (DIY) has become very popular these days with the growing DIY television shows and the tools advertised in them. This allows homeowners to easily access information and learn how to do home renovations and other projects on their own. Though it sounds convenient and economic, but it is hazardous too and might end up in an unwanted accident.

DIY jobs might save money and allow people to apply their creativity, but the fact is some DIY activities might extensively harm the home insurance policy purchased by the homeowner.

The following might seriously affect the home insurance cover benefits:

In order to carry out bigger projects including gas pipeline repair, plumbing, electrical or structural renovation, it is very important that the homeowner must talk to experts and hire their services. According to the norms of policy coverage, some accidental damage might be covered under claim benefits, but experts always suggest purchasing additional bundles that also cover DIY mistakes.

It is always important to check insurance policy before starting any DIY jobs because it assures that the particular project is covered or not. Failure to check policy cover may end up costing more trouble and money than homeowners bargained for.

When minutely compared, it has always been noticed that in the long run, professional services save more money in contrast to DIY jobs as they are amateurish and not up to the standards. They need regular repairs and changes.

Most professionals have access to the correct tools and materials and they are usually experienced in dealing with the task at hand, hence the work gets done better.

In many countries, it is actually illegal for any person who does not have legal qualification to undertake hazardous jobs like electrical wiring repair.

Employing professionals from non-trustworthy sources or inexperienced people might end up making your insurance cover void if any accidental damage.

Essential Tips To Avoid Affecting Home Insurance Benefits

Contact Insurer first: Insurance provider must always be contacted and informed ahead of time and consult about the work that is about to be undertaken. As in the case of most home insurances, any changes in the overall structure of the house might extensively affect the policy coverage. The agent or the company’s customer assistants would provide beneficial information in the case of any changes in the policy, if required.

Accidental damage cover: It is advised to homeowners to purchase additional damage cover in case of accidental damages during repair work. This helps in saving the money that had to be shelled out from the pocket in case of any damage.

Enquire Before You Purchase: Insurance advisors suggest using comparison websites to compare insurance policies of different range and insurance companies. Top websites offer comparison search for more than 100 brands and products at one go.

Do Not Opt High Risk Premiums: Insurance premiums are always based on the risk factors and its assessment by the insurer. Normally, high risk coverage has much higher premiums and homeowners end up paying huge sums of cash. Adding security devices to your property or fitting smoke alarms fit dual purposes, firstly it keeps the home actually secured and secondly it reduces the premium.


These are some of the essential tips to keep in mind before starting and DIY project as these advises will help avoiding unnecessary expenses and also add safety to both the home and the homeowner. Referring to professional experts is always the most effective procedure, but still if DIY can help reduce costs, it is important to maintain safety first.