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Corbett National Park A Guide on How to Enjoy Wildlife Safari

Posted by : Manya Singh on | Nov 20,2012

One of the country’s most popular wildlife destinations, the safaris at Corbett National Park has acquired something of legendary status! Here’s a short guide on how to best enjoy a safari ride here!

1.     Dress right – Wear dull colours and avoid wearing anything that sparkles or shines. If the animals spot your jazzy self from miles away there’s a fat chance of you running into them on your safari.

2.     Hush now! – Whisper, mumble and murmur. Avoid making conversation and wait in patient silence for the animals to make an appearance. Remember, sound carries easily in the confines of the dense Corbett forests and the animals around would rather flee than eavesdrop on your conversation.

3.     Perfume alert! – The wildlife here at Corbett is in all probability accustomed to the constant smell of human presence. However, to bathe oneself in fragrance before the start of the Safari is probably a bad idea. It may baffle the creatures around who could then choose to scurry away, way beyond your reach.

4.     Say no to Flash – A typical tale of a Safari gone sour would be to have a beast attack you when the blinding flash of your camera goes off in its face! So keep your cameras on but do make sure you do not disturb the inhabitants of Corbett by making reluctant and potentially outraged models out of them.

5.     Slow down – Of course it is tempting to hit the gas and cruise through the green words and dirt tracks of Corbett, but it is better to take things slow. This increases your chances of spotting a hiding animal instead of whizzing past it. At the same time it ensures safety in the park and lessens the chances of an animal being run over.

6.     Nature walks that are organized by most resorts inside Corbett National Park can be as exciting as safaris. These escorted walks take you through the fresh air of the foothills as the guide regales everyone with local tales about encounters with animals. Sunrises and sunsets here are magical and can be enjoyed on walks and safaris alike.


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