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Changing trends of the Real Estate industry

Posted by : Pooja Agrawal on | Jun 14,2019

Changing trends of the Real Estate industry

If you look a few years back, the real estate market was somewhat in a crumbled state due to the falling economy of the country. Lower demands, unsold inventory, and a situation of buyer’s market gave a huge blow to the real estate industry. However, soon after the turn of events, the conviction of this industry improved as the homebuyers preference changed to buying larger homes across cities.


There has been a lot of improvements in the economic conditions with the launch of various government plans and initiatives during the years. It was aimed towards increasing the buying capacity of the populace. This has created a path for fast-paced economic growth for the future. Right now the residential segment is the topmost priority for the real estate market. The movement of the masses from different locations towards the cities for multiple reasons have created a commotion in the market letting the developers shift a notch up the building process.


There is an existing but concealed stipulation for residential projects among a large section of the population. The reason being a change in the lifestyle and the need for a better income source. The reduction in the repo rates by RBI has helped to raise the budget of the homebuyers to buy homes at comparatively low interest rates. The schemes and plans incited by our government are imposed on the financial sector which in turn helped the real estate sector as well. The latent investors are encouraged to buy their dream home at affordable rates. This ensures that the market wheel keeps rolling without any hitches and satisfying the needs of both the buyer and the seller.


Many developers are strategically placing their projects to attract more buyers and bring back the lost flow of the real estate market in the coming future. With many provisions from the government, it is likely that the demand and supply of the residential housing market are expected to rise.


Among many provisions, HomeCapital with their Down Payment Assistance Program has proved to be a blessing for the first time homebuyers. The plan works in such a way that it enables the buyer to buy their dream home now, maybe in your 20s, without waiting for years to accumulate funds. This program works with an objective to solve the biggest hurdle towards home ownership i.e. Down Payment. This is the major reason why buyers are unable to fulfill their dream and settle for cheaper options or live in a  rented home.


To fulfill the dream of every home buyer, HomeCapital helps with credit free assistance of up to half of the down payment equal to the buyer’s contribution towards it. This amount is repayable during the subvention period which ensures that the repayment does not affect the home loan eligibility or over-burden the buyer with a higher debt-to-income ratio in the future. By contributing up to half of the down payment needs, HomeCapital cuts the waiting time by half and helps the buyer buy their home earlier and experience the compounding effect of wealth.