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Carrying the Legacy Forward Since Independence The Mirdha Family

Posted by : Pankaj Sharma on | Oct 06,2014

When it comes to Nagaur, the Jat clan of Mirdhas are the most known. Mirdha is now a surname, however, according to the Rajasthan Nagaur news, it is actually a title of Jats that was given to a particular section by Maharaja of Jodhpur.
The origin of this clan can be traced down to Afghanistan, where the clan was known as Mardan or Marda or Mardi.
The origin of the name Mirdha is the name Mardi, which is a tribe from Afghanistan. The term Mardi if translated into simpler language is ‘heroes.’ If we search through history, we can find Mahabharta mentioning the tribe as Maradha, the initial mention of the tribe in India. Historians have come to the conclusion that both Maradha and Mirdha are the same.
Nagaur Hindi news has information that the Jat Gotra of Mirdha basically come from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. One of the oldest historians of the world, Herodotus, who lived in Greece in the 5th century BC, had mentioned Mardi. Strabo belonged to what today is known as Turkey, and earlier known as Pontus in 63BC, had mentioned a particular clan as Amardi.
Indian historian Bhim Singh Dahiya, however, says what Herodotus called as Mardi and what Strabo called as Amardi are the same as modern day Mirdhas.
However, if we talk of family name Mirdha of modern day, the Mirdhas have since long been known to have ruled Nagaur, to have supported the oppressed farmers of the region, to have have a strong political presence. This brings us as a part of First India Rajasthan to say that Mirdha is a well-known name in state and national politics.
The name Mirdha can now be spread all across Rajasthan, from Jaipur to Jodhpur to Nagaur. However, there are a few people, who have brought much positive vibes and limelight to the Gotra.
Here’s a gist:
Baldev Ram Mirdha
 Nagaur live news can never stop talking of Baldev Ram Mirdha as he had helped a great twist of changes in Rajasthan. Born in 1889, is known as one of the greatest social reformer in the desert state of Rajasthan. He is also known as Kisan Kesari. He was born into a family which had been assigned the task of handling department of Post and Telegraph. Since his family was doing their task with utmost honesty, the then ruler of Jodhpur awarded the family with the title of Mirdha.
Baldev Ram Mirdha was good and studies and had secured himself a job in the department of population, later on moving to police department, where he was well recognized and awarded with good promotions. As his career grew, he realized the troubles being faced by the farmers. Farmers, though provided food to all, were one of the most oppressed sections, with several taxes to be paid, with hardly any laws or rules and regulations in their favour. Farmers were thrown out as per the desire of Jagirdars. Being in the desert state, it was often when farmers hardly reaped, though had to pay taxes, for the purpose of which their land was grabbed, leaving them homeless.
Nagaur news latest in Rajasthan Baldev Ram Mirdha soon realized that it was the lack of education that the farmers faced and it was beyond them to form schools of their own. Soon, he started building boarding houses where sons of farmers would go, get educated at rather low prices. The initial boarding houses came up at Jodhpur, Barmer, Merta, Parbatsar, Didwana, Nagaur , Pipar, etc., which were in the region of Marwar. Thus began the sons of farmers getting educated and returned back as teachers, doctors, politicians, engineers, etc. Gradually, he taught them against several superstitions and evil rituals, thus becoming their guide and friend. According to Nagaur news in Hindi, it was with his help, Jagirs were abolished, cesses were abolished, judicial powers of Jagirdars were abolished, though he faced severe opposition from many. Post independence, when Rajasthan state was formed, he formed Rajasthan Kisan Sabha and made all the farmers join the group. With objectives quite same as the Congress, he was urged to join Congress. Now that he had a strong political backup, he got several hurdles removed from the lives of farmers of Rajasthan, which was later on followed throughout the nation.
Nathu Ram Mirdha
Nathu Ram Mirdha started gaining prominence under the wings of the well-known leader, Baldev Ram Mirdha. Following his footsteps, he went on to become a great parliamentarian, freedom fighter, popular leader of farmers, social reformer of the region of Marwar in Rajasthan.
There’s Nagaur latest Hindi news that Nathu Ram Mirdha, on the outlook, was a sober, plain and soft-spoken man, which had hidden his talents. Like his mentor, Nathu Ram Mirdha had dedicated his life to serve farmers. He had joined Kisan Sabha, as General Secretary, in the year 1946. It is said that Nathu Ram Mirdha made it a point to visit every village and meet the farmers in person to understand their problems. He made them unite to fight against the Jagirdars and their oppressive rules. Both Nathu Ram Mirdha and founder Baldev Ram Mirdha brought the Kisan Sabha to be developed to such a level that they later on named it as Rajasthan Kisan Sabha.
Nathu Ram Mirdha, along with supporting and fighting for farmers, was a freedom fighter as well, who fought and stood against Britishers. There’s Rajasthan news Nagaur that he was always backed up by the peasants of the state. Post independence, when an important ministry was installed in Jodhpur, he won the constituency election in the year 1952, became a member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from 1952 to 1967 and then again in the year 1984 till 1989. As Lok Sabha was established, he returned to win Lok Sabha elections for 6 times, however, had started developing differences with Indira Gandhi, which came to highlight during internal emergency in the year 1975.
Ram Niwas Mirdha
Ram Niwas Mirdha was born to Baldev Ram Mirdha in the year 1924. As was his family’s legacy, he went on to join politics starting as a social worker. He had joined Rajasthan Legislative Assembly as the speaker, been a member of Indian National Congress, etc.
Rajasthan Nahagur news says that he born in to an agricultural family, he was an honest and hardworker from the very beginning. He was recognized not just in India but had marked his presence internationally as well.
In the year 1953 he was elected as a member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly; in 1954 he was elected as Minister for Agriculture, Irrigation and Transport, Government of Rajasthan. In the year 1957 he took position as speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, by the year 1967, he was a member of Rajya Sabha. Nagaur latest Hindi news is much updated about his political career which tells us that from 1970 to 1974, he served as Union Minister of State - Home Affairs, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms; from 1974 to 1975, he was serving as Union Minister of State - Defence Production; in the year 1975 he was elected as Union Minister of State - Supply and Rehabilitation (Independent Charge) where he served as 1977; Deputy Chairman of RajyaSabha in the year 1977 till 1980. He was later elected as the Minister of Water Resources Department in the year 1983, held office as minister of external affairs in 1984. In the year 1985 he took charge of Minister of Communication; Minister of Textile and Health and Family Welfare in the year 1986 till 1989.
As for his international presence, Ram Niwas Mirdha, says the Nagaur news in Hindi, had represented India at Commonwealth Parliamentary Conferences and the United Nations; Commonwealth Prime Minister’s conference; Conference of Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers, Inter Parliamentary Unions; Leader Indian Delegation to United Nations, General Assembly in 1984 and Member executive Board of UNESCO (1993-1997).
Richpal Singh Mirdha
Rajasthan news Nagaur, which stays updated about him, says Richpal Singh Mirdha is yet another name adding to the legacy of Mirdha family. He is currently serving as Rajasthan senior Congress leader. He is also well-known as the nephew of late Nathuram Mirdha.
As has been the legacy of Mirdha family, Richpal Singh has dedicated himself to service of people, especially the farmer. In the year 1998, he was denied a ticket to contest elections by Congress, which had angered his followers and farmers. Such was their anger that they forced him to contest independently, and eventually made him win by a landslide.
Nagaur Hindi news, which follows every of his political activities, brings us much information about him. As for his native place, Nagaur, he has stood victorious from various political parties he joined, Congress, Janta Dal, independent. He has also represented Degana as MLA in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly for 20 years.
He has been the MLA of Degana for as many as 4 times starting from 1990 contesting with Janta Dal ticket, 1993 with Congress, 1998 independently, 2003 with Congress.
Jyoti Mirdha
First India Rajasthan feels immense pride to say that Jyoti Mirdha is the youngest from the family to take the legacy of her family forward. Born is the year 1972, she has already been an MP from Nagaur with a ticket from Congress. A doctor by profession, and grand daughter of one of the most well-known late Nathu Ram Mirdha, she was elected in the 15th Lok Sabha elections from Nagaur.