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Busting Myths about Recruitment Agencies

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Mar 08,2019

When looking to hire, organizations typically have two choices – organize the recruitment process in-house or engage a recruitment agency. While the benefits of using the services of an agency are apparent, many myths still pervade the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the common myths surrounding recruitment agencies.

They are expensive
While placement consultants will seem to be more expensive than recruiting in-house, their fees actually prove to be lower in the long run. By outsourcing recruitment, you can cut your organization’s costs by a wide margin. How so? Recruitment agencies are run by experts who streamline the entire process, tap quickly into their networks, and help you hire faster – all of which reduce the overall expenditure on recruiting.

They’re not ideal for recruiting contractors
While placement consultants should ideally be engaged with for long-term hiring needs, they’re equally adept at contract staffing or short-term hiring. Given that such agencies have a large pool of workers looking for both long and short-term employment, they offer flexible services that can be customized to suit your organization’s needs.

They only work for big names
Another myth surrounding agencies is that they only work for big, million-dollar clients, but agencies like  Randstad has been working for clients in all sectors. The truth is that any company from a startup to an MNC can engage a placement consultant to find the right hire. They work with your company’s vision and business in mind, not so much its size.

You lose control over hiring
A placement consultant will always work in close collaboration with its clients. It’s a misconception that they will take over your organization’s recruitment process. Instead, they work with your HR team to build a strategic and fruitful recruitment process.

Organizations should engage more than one agency
It doesn’t make sense for employers to engage more than one agency in the hope of increasing the likelihood of hiring the right workers. Instead, they must identify the right ones and ultimately choose one expert to enlist. Not only will this help in streamlining the hiring process (as opposed to working with ten different people), it will also fast-track recruitment and help you hire the right talent fast.

In this era of widely accessible information, there’s no reason to shy away from working with placement consultants due to prevalent myths. Invest your resources wisely in choosing an agency with years of expertise and proof of success. With the right partner, you can be sure of hiring valuable talent to help your organization grow.