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Better Life Possible With Liver Cirrhosis Drug Today Medical Times

Posted by : Drug Today Medical Times on | Feb 18,2015

Better Life Possible With Liver Cirrhosis Drug Today Medical Times

Drug Today Medical Times

With continuous lifestyle changes and erratic eating habits there has been rise in liver disease. In addition to acute disease like liver failure, there is regular rise in the cases of liver cirrhosis.

This disease occurs due to long term delay in liver treatment and ultimately liver becomes so scarred that it can no more function properly.

There are number of patients of liver cirrhosis not only in developing countries but also in developed world like US. It is shocking to know that major population of US die because of cirrhosis. The disease is more prevalent in people aged between 45 to 54. It is so fatal that most of the people cannot make it or are required to go liver transplant.

Though, one may not get any symptoms of liver disease as liver tends to work efficiently even in adverse conditions.  In most of the cases the patient does not even know that he or she is suffering from the disease. However, regular blood check-up may help you detect the disease at early stage. The common symptoms of the liver cirrhosis include jaundice, bleeding, confusionand pain in abdomen.

In Delhi, there is Institute of liver and biliary sciences which is doing pioneering work in the field of liver diseases. People from all over the country come to get treatment for all sorts of liver diseases. One such patient who is undergoing treatment for cirrhosis at the hospital says that the doctors here have been very helpful in making him understand the disease and supporting him to live a healthy lifestyle.

Generally, people with hepatic disease are suggested to take diet which is rich in protein. Liver grows healthy with high intake of proteins found in milk, egg, green vegetables and fish. Taking small meals at a time proves beneficial. However, the cost of getting the treatment is not so easy.  It can range from thousands to going up in lakhs. Also, it has seen that in many cases doctors suggests  patient to go for liver transplant which is quite risky and costs more than 15 lakhs. Finding a donor for undergoing liver transplant is not so easy as well.

If you have been detected with any kind of liver disease. Life does not end here. You can still live healthy and happy life by following strict routine. Keeping tab on eating habits and taking regular medications will certainly help you to live many more years.


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