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Chaitra Navratri

Best Camera Apps That Support Beauty Mode For Android Users

Posted by : Nidhi Mahajan on | Nov 21,2016

Best Camera Apps That Support Beauty Mode For Android Users

Beauty lies where the heart is full of humanity. Its not the face that matters but the heart that does. Beauty is not external but internal. Numerous times have we heard these line and many times have we convinced ourselves to take these to be true. However, to be true and not to cheat our own self, we need to agree that all that glitters if not gold is surely something that gets appreciated. Such is a case with beautiful face, how so ever decent or pretty at heart you may be, you will get appreciated only if in your selfie you look beautiful.

These days many of the android phones come with a front camera that has several types on beauty modes automatically enabled but there are many others that do no have such additional features. For android phones falling in the latter category, we have certain apps that can act as beauty enhancers. This article intends to highlight such apps that your android phone can support. Some of these are as follows:

1. Beauty Camera
: Highlight an android phone, especially the one that is owned by a girl that does not posses a Beauty Camera app. Doing this task is next to impossible. It is one of the fundamental beauty app. All that you need to do is download the app from Google Play and install it on your android phone. Once you have finished installing the app, next step is opening the same. You just have to pick a picture from your gallery that you wish to beautify. You can also open the apps selfie option and click a fresh picture using the phones camera. The app automatically finds and focuses on your face and then removes blemishes and make your skin smooth by removing pores. After the photo gets processed , you can increase or decrease the amount of brightness with the help of the slider that is available. You can also change the contrast and sharpness of the photo. In addition to this you have an option to trim and crop.

2. Beauty Plus
: This is one of the advanced beauty apps that has made a place on each and every body's android phone these days. The phone is considered incomplete without this. You need to download the app from the Google Play, if you have an android phone. Install the app and  open it in order to use it. Once you open it you will find several options like selfie or beautify. If you wish to take a picture then click on the selfie mode. The app will then make use of the phones camera to click the picture. Else if you need to edit the already clicked picture then tap on the beautify option. Select a picture from your gallery and automatically beautify it or else swipe to the right to apply filters. You can also make use of the magic brush. After the picture gets processed, you can save it. A little patience is required of you as when you click a picture there is an interface lag.

3. Beauty Camera by
 Meitu, Inc.: The name of the app is quite similar to the one that has already been discussed. In addition to the already discussed feature, this one also offers several other option. Some of the prominent options that requires to be highlighted are the option to apply lip color, eye shadows, and other such effects that a girl knows are the most required. Beside this you also get the normal features like filters and photo editor to edit your photos.

4. Candy Camera: It is one of the commonly used photo app. It facilitates the use of adding a touch of style to your photos by providing you a huge range of filter, frame, and sticker options. The most prominent feature of the app is that you need not experiment each filter by actually having to apply it on a picture. You can simply slide your finger along the screen to flip through the different available filters so that you get an idea that how the effect will actually get implemented. This goes the case when you have to take a picture but when it comes to editing the already taken picture you have far more options.

5. Retrica: It is another such app that supports the option to beautify the photos while these are being taken. After having downloaded the app from the play store, you need to install it on your android phone. Open the app and use various filters that are available to click pictures. It provides you several filters, out of which you can chose the best for yourself. All that you need to do is swipe right, each time you do so you will get an exemplified version of how the picture will actually look like if you apply the filter.

These are the five popular camera apps that support the beauty mode. These commonly find place in each and everybody's handset that is supported by Android.