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Posted by : Meghana Shah on | Mar 23,2021

Oil Pulling is an ancient Indian remedy that involves swishing in your mouth with oil in order to promote oral hygiene. Just like a mouthwash you are supposed to spit out the oil after swirling it around your mouth. For best results repeat this procedure for 5-20 minutes so that the oil reaches all the crevices in your mouth. 

Benefits of Oil pulling mouthwash :

Oil pulling has benefits more than just dental. Some people claim that with regular practice you might not even have to worry about making dentist’s appointments. Some of the claimed benefits of oil pulling are:

a) Helps with bad breath

b) Remove, prevents plaque

c) Whitens teeths stubborn

d) Cures gingivitis

e) Improves the total wellbeing of the body

f) Helps prevent cavities

g) Enhanced reds gum health auces inflammation

h) Strengthen teeth, gums jaws. Pulls out toxins bacteria out of the body

i) Prevents a breath