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Benefits of alum for skin and hair problems

Posted by : Sylvie ethan on | Feb 01,2019

Benefits of alum for skin and hair problems

Benefits of alum for skin and hair problems


The benefits of alum for skin and hair. You have heard about the benefits of alum for the elderly. Alum is also used for many skin problems. This not only makes you beautiful, but also helps make your hair black and white. Let us know the benefits of alum.


Alum for wound ulcers: Alum powder is used to easily treat ulcer wounds. Simply place a pinch of alum powder on the wound and leave for 30 seconds. Wash it completely. Repeat this 2-3 times a day until the ulcers disappear. You will receive a full recovery within 3 days.


Ring Alum: Many commercial brands have begun to use alum powder in their products to treat dark circles. You can mix a pinch of alum powder with water and apply it on dark circles. Be careful not to put on eyes. Please do it carefully.


Bleeding cuts: Some studies have shown that it even has the ability to treat bleeding cuts. You can distribute the alum residues on these cuts to prevent further blood loss. But remember that if your injection is too deep and the bleeding does not stop, you will need professional medical care. And so, during this time does not depend only on the alum residues.


Alum for hair removal. Alum is traditionally used to remove hair. Women of all ages used alum to remove unwanted hair, just like the hair on their upper lip. Mix 1/2 t. L. Alum powder with 1 tbsp. Water tea rose and keep ready. Adjust the amount of alum powder and water as needed.


The ratio of alum powder to pink water is about 1: 2. After hair removal or even hair removal, use a mixture of alum on the face or even in the place where you want to remove hair from the skin. face. Let stand for 20 minutes. If you feel that the mixture is dry, you can sprinkle it with rose water so that it stays longer.


Thoroughly clean and dry face. This can be done on the arms and legs too. Use a moisturizer after drying to keep the area moist. Regular coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer.


Try not to apply around the eyes or around the eyes.


Alun for body odor: as soon as your body releases sweat, the resulting food compounds attract bacteria that give off an unpleasant odor right after eating. On other days, use alum on previously washed hands. Antibacterial and antibacterial properties present in alum will fight and limit bacterial infection.