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Benefits and Drawbacks of Socializing

Posted by : Gaurav Sinha on | Sep 16,2013

Socializing has completely evolved in today’s world and has almost got a new meaning for people. Some time back socializing would mean attending cultural events at clubs, or going to gatherings, but now it more of Social networking on the internet. This includes websites such as Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter. In whatever form it may be in, socializing has its benefits as well as disadvantages or drawbacks.

Firstly, the most important benefit of socializing is that it acts as a stress buster. In today’s day and age, the pressure of work is so much on each and everyone and we all need an outlet for our emotions and thoughts in a more informal atmosphere which can be done through interacting with your peers and friends on a daily basis. No social interaction is bad, as no one can live in isolation. So Interaction is important, be it online or face to face.

Another benefit of socializing is that, you get to know what others are doing around you, which is very important for one’s development and progress. It enhances one’s knowledge and level of alertness. Socializing in a workplace leads to increased teamwork.

The biggest drawback of socializing is that it may lead to over familiarity, and eventually relations may get spoilt. This is very prominent in the case of social networking, as it leads to a decrease in privacy of an individual, and one’s feeling may be hurt, if another person tries to cross a particular limit and enter one’s personal space.

Socializing also leads to peer pressure and sometimes a feeling of being inferior to others may come in as well. It may lead to jealousy and a feeling of hatred as well.

To conclude, one can say that interaction with others is needed and socializing is an important part of life, but it should be a healthy interaction and not just gossip. Socializing should be done in limits and in a proper manner. As we all know that man is a social animal, and he survives by the interaction with his elders, peers and also his juniors.