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Chaitra Navratri

Beauty of the Rohtang Pass Manali

Posted by : Manya Singh on | Feb 28,2013

Some journeys are best traversed by foot, some by boat and some others by road. ‘Coz when you choose the right medium to travel, only then are you in a position to truly appreciate the beauty of the path on which you’ve set out.

Rohtang Pass is one treacherous route. The name literally translates to ‘pile of corpses’, a tribute, if one can say, to the thousands of people who have perished over hundreds of years trying to navigate its landscape.

Geographically speaking, Rohtang Pass is a high mountainous pass that extends from Manalion the eastern side of the Himalayan PirPanjal Range for 51 kms. Along this distance, the route connects Kullu Valley to the Spiti-Lahaul Valleys of Himachal Pradesh and from there on to Leh Valley in Ladakh, Kashmir.

For those of you have been guests of Manali Tourism, you’ll know that the natural beauty of the area is stunningly breath-taking. The air is as clear as one wouldn’t have ever imagined it to be, the mountains grand and the chirping of the birds makes for perfect background music for life. From this, it is possible to gauge the stunning scenery that the Rohtang Pass would be capable of boasting.

For any traveller who wishes to go to any destination from Manali, passing through Rohtang Pass is a must. The pass is open to travellers and traffic from May to October only as freezing winter temperatures render the pass useless for the remaining months. During the months it is open, tourist traffic on this pass – no matter the danger of the roads or the uncomfortable journey – is heavy.

While the roads are good and sturdy early on, they tend to get rocky and difficult to traverse on as you go further. Numerous make-shift dhabas have come up along the route which sell everything from Pepsi to Parle-G and even make hot Maggi for tired travellers to feast on. In some places, sports adventures like para-gliding can be undertaken.

If you look up Manali packages, you will find there are many that offer stays in valleys/areas along the Rohtang Pass. If not for the destination by itself, then at least for the journey you must sign-up for such a holiday package.

About Author:

Author is a nature lover and a traveller by nature. Professionally she is travel writer and avid blogger and loves to write about some of the great destinations of the world.

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