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Chaitra Navratri

Astrology getting new Edge

Posted by : Rohit Kumar on | Aug 02,2020

Astrology getting new Edge

Astrology is a science that can give a deep perspective about one’s future. It is also solely based on mathematical calculations. The reference of many charts and horoscopes are utilized for accurate predictions. The experience, belief and methods of practice is unique to eachastrologer . People mainly resort to astrology to find solutions for prevalent problems and often remedial methods and solutions are provided to them. Another set of people use astrology as a precautionary method, a safety net to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the foreseeable future, and to avoid the hardships, if there will be any. Be it business, career, job, marriage or any other aspect of life, everybody wishes to get rid of their problems and they are always striving for stability, success and inner peace of mind. There is also a rather tricky side to astrology which must be approached with caution. As mentioned earlier, every astrologer can make predictions and suggest solutions based on the horoscope. But the Horoscop is just an outer appearance of a person and the real roots of issues are always hidden in depth. Therefore to find the perfect solutions one needs to analyze the root cause of the pertaining problem. Astrology is not limited to just the Lagna Chart, Moon Chart, Navamasha or Nakshatra. Just like humans have DNA as their genetic code which is the base of all human life, in vedic astrology every human have a Trimayasha code. This term was popularized by an India Astrologer Hemant Barua in an Astrology Seminar in Rajasthan in January of 2020. He clearly explained that how life is well connected with cosmic energy and how astrology follows it. If one is able to calculate a trimayasha, he can make far better predictions and give the perfect solutions as well. Now most of the astrologers are learning and following this concept.

In Brihat parashara hora shastra the fragments of these concepts are given as well, But after an in depth research Astrologer Hemant Barua was able to combine them to build a theory. Trimayasha calculation is a very lengthy process and it takes many hours. When the first time Trimayasha was calculated it took approximately six days. But after developing the process now it can be calculated in one day. Many astrology software companies are taking the support of Astrologer Hemant Barua to make a sophisticated computerized programmer to make its process fast. In the Astrology Summit in Pune a training session was also held with the elite astrologers of Indian and all around the world.  Vedic Astrology is full of surprises and astrologers are constantly researching to find out the best out of it. A book is also in progress which covers the finding of Trimaysha. It will be extremely helpful for the advanced students of astrology. Trimayasha stands for the 3 Dimensions or Aspects of Life. They are Good Health, Success and Happiness. And in every aspect of our life they are extremely important key factors and cannot be ignored. People all around the world are now deeply interested to learn the vedic system of astrology. In India more than 25+ Institutes in different cities that are helping students to get their professional diploma and degree in a systematic manner. Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) and Bhartiya vidya bhawan are dignified institutes in India offering various astrology courses. Astrology is trusted by billions of people all around the globe.

Therefore a robust system in astrology is now very much in demand. Therefore classic scriptures are analyses and translated in to different regional language so that students in all the states of India get the benefits of it. Life is no less of a mystery but Vedic astrology is the best source to satisfy the curiosity. There are thousands of resources are easily available on internet as well. If you too wish to gain knowledge about it, you can learn it at your own pace. For professional courses you can also enquire about astrology courses at https://bit.ly/3g9X002 or https://bit.ly/39zIj3V