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Chaitra Navratri

Andaman or Goa Which is better for honeymoon in India

Posted by : Tauseef on | Jul 13,2019

Andaman or Goa Which is better for honeymoon in India

Yeah, I know! You cannot dump either of them. Both are compelling and same is the case with choosing in between Andaman and Goa. Both are immaculate in their own terms. Choosing the best destination for a honeymoonbetween the two is rather a difficult task. Thus, we have done to give a solution for you.

First things first, you might have heard that you shouldn’t give honeymoon in Goa a shot mentioning that it is overcrowded and not a good destination for this holiday. On the other hand, Andaman is often proclaimed as the destination that breaks your bank. Honestly, none of them are true. In this blog, we have unleashed everything you needed to make the right choice for your big beautiful holiday in a lifetime. You can also these destinations with your family to booking Andaman family tour packages in a customized price.

#1 Landscape Prospect

And, Andaman! The love is not just in the air but also on the beaches. Andaman & Nicobar Islands is an archipelago of freaking 572 islands in which only 37 are inhabited. The lush green forests, tiny sand bars, tropical islands, breathtaking beaches and crazy adventures are worth mentioning.

Fact: Radhanagar Beach in Andaman Placed 7th most popular beach in Asia. 

It is world-famous for its magnificent beaches, artistic cathedrals, old-Portuguese-style buildings, buzzing party and nightlife. Goa also holds many hidden backwaters such as Sal & Talpona, Chapora, Zuari, Mandovi, etc.,

Okay! Can you tell when should I visit? Oh, sure!

# 2 Best Time to Visit

You can visit both the places all around the clock throughout the year. Because the holiday mode is always fun.

If you two are beach lovers, the ideal time for a trip to Andaman would be from October to May. You can insanely indulge in the spectacular beaches under the star-lit sky that makes your heart so calm and soothing. Whether you choose to scuba dive, tread, splash, or sail, all the beaches during this time period provide you with anything and everything. You can enjoy with crystal clear water waves in Andaman beaches. Also, the chilled beer is just a cherry on the cake. Just saying!

December to February is usually the peak tourist season for Goa. Whether you are a nerd or party animal or seek for long walks with uninterrupted serenity, you can pack your bags and straight away land in the groovy and golden neighborhood on the planet – Goa! Since you are now clear about the best time to visit, let us explore all the place in Andaman for your honeymoon. Because of honeymoon couple wants beautiful places with less crowd. We all know goa is a fully crowded beautiful place.

#3 Best Places to Visit

 See, we believe that the honeymoon is a special phase in any newly-weds life and no couple likes to get it ruined. Thus, they plan each and everything with the utmost attention. Also, honeymooners look for privacy, if you know what I mean.

Don’t you think so? Thus, Dekho Andaman offers the best Andaman Honeymoon Tour Packageswhere the couple gets a chance to plan the holiday accordingly. Andaman & Nicobar islands are widely popular for its romantic vibes and stimulating beaches. And we don’t mean Andaman has only beaches, it also has many historical places, national parks, coral reefs, museums, etc.,

  • Cellular Jail

  • Limestone Caves

  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

  • Ross and Smith Island

  • Murugan Temple

  • Radhanagar Beach

  • Havelock Island

  • Great Nicobar biosphere reserve

  • Chidiya Tapu Beach

  • Little Andaman

  • Barren Volcano

  • Mount Harriet National Park

Talking about Goa, it is an amazing land with glorious sandy beaches, electrifying nightlife, welcoming people, and adventurous sporting activities. Following are the places one must visit in Goa without fail:

  • St Francis of Assisi

  • Anjuna Beach

  • Arvalem Waterfalls

  • Chapora Fort

  • The Grape Escapade – the largest wine festival in India

  • Shri Mahalakshmi Temple

  • Candolim Beach

  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls 

    Bro, I am going on honeymoon and I am little concerned about the safety. Which place do you think deserves the crown?

#4 Safety

This one of the major concerns we receive on a daily basis and we believe there is nothing wrong in being skeptical about one’s safety.

No doubts choose Andaman for your honeymoon. Because of Andaman is safeguarded by its policemen and also Government very well. They ensure that the travelers understand the time and social limits of the beaches and other places to avoid any disturbances.

Although Goa is often portrayed as the overcrowded beaches with party scenes. As a matter of fact, Goa is extra particular on keeping the traveler’s safety first. The police also regularly patrol the beach where they believe crowds on hanging out. Anyway, let it be Andaman or Goa, it is also your responsibility to take of yourselves. Although your phone knows everything about these places. Just type the keyword highest crime rate in India 2018 this time you can clarify your doubt.

Dekho Andaman suggests you keep the emergency numbers handy, travel insurance, and also please to keep posted about your whereabouts to either your hotel manager or tour operator.

#5 Budget

Although the cost factor depends on your duration, the places you want to visit, the flights you catch up, the activities you like to carry out, the hostels you want to relax in, and much more. However, the basic Andaman tour package cost from 10,000 INR per head whereas the basic Goa Tour Package range from 8-12K INR.


Huh! It is verdict time. No, not us. You gotta decide. Both the destinations are impeccable and give you the best time ever. Let us know in the comment section below your pick.