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An Indian Sage calls for testing spiritual powers

Posted by : Brijpal Singh Chauhan on | May 30,2014

Brijpal Singh Chauhan Beohari: India has always been a prominent player in the world of mysticism. An Indian sage, named Paramhans Yogiraaj Shri Shaktiputraji Maharaaj, who lives in Beohari town of Madhya Pradesh (India) has been persistently raising the demand for holding a religious congregation of spiritual masters to test their claimed supernatural abilities. He also stresses that this event should be conducted under the scrutiny of prominent modern scientists, doctors, media and political leaders, under strictly controlled conditions to ensure veracity. According to him, there can be two possible measures for this: A.) One option is to conduct brain mapping, lie detector and other psychological tests on the masters to test their mental endurance and control, apart from their claims of the paranormal. The five basic spiritual parameters to be checked for the said abilities can be: Is their kundalini (vital energies) consciousness fully awake? Do they have eligibility of going into meditation and state of trance? Have they had visible glance of supreme authority, the creator of this creation? Can they carry out any impossible work through the strength of their penance? By awakening their subtle body, can they wander in infinite cosmological regions? In case, the above modes of validation fail to satisfy the civil society, scientists and other stakeholders, the second and final mode of verification, as stated below be applied. B.) If the above tests remain inconclusive, two similar tasks normally considered to be impossible by scientific standards, be put forth. One of these tasks be assigned to all the religious gurus from across the globe and the other be handed over to Shri Shaktiputraji Maharaaj alone. Whosoever would successfully carry out the task, can easily be said to possess real spiritual powers and science can proceed to research the how and why of the process for quantifying such energies. “Let the world know who has the real spiritual powers,” said Shri Shaktiputraji Maharraj in his Youtube videos. This testing, if conducted successfully, can be expected to weed out the fake gurus and fake claims of paranormal abilities from the world of spirituality. He has been reiterating this demand over the live telecasts and his religious congregations for last twenty years. Even if it may sound incredible, it’s time to have a reality check! A ‘test of truth’ event would invariably go in favour of the yogic aspirants round the globe.