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Chaitra Navratri

Alternate source of energy Future of the World

Posted by : Drug Today Medical Times on | Feb 25,2015

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Drug Today Medical Times

Drug Today Medical Times

India is a developing country with huge population. This means that the requirement for energy and energy consumption both are high. In order to maintain the huge demand of the population it is vital to look for alternate source of energy which can sustain in long run.

As we all know that conventional source of energy which is currently being used for huge generation of electricity and power is only limited.  Hence, it is need of the hour to bring into focus alternate source of energy.

Alternate source of energy is defined as energy which is provided to us by nature and is freely available. This includes wind, water, earth, tidal and most importantly sun. While conventional source of energy is limited in nature and is produced after several years. These include coal, petroleum and electricity.

There are several benefits of exploring alternate source of energy firstly it is available free of cost to us and secondly it is pollution free. We all know that our climate is undergoing continuous changes thanks to global warming.

The major contributor to increased pollution and temperature of the earth is conventional source of energy. The burning of coal and petroleum produces several harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide. These are very harmful gases which are leading cause of major respiratory diseases.

Apart from diseases, these have also led to depletion of ozone layer, which is a protective layer that protects our earth from the harmful radiations of the sun. Due to this depletion there has been increase in the cases skin cancer.

Therefore, this is high time that we put our resources in the right direction with renewable sources of energy. Our country has understood the importance and is already working on it. There is a Ministry of New and Renewable Source of Energy in Delhi which is centre for advance technology and research in the field of non-conventional sources of energy.

The Ministry has worked in setting up solar panels, solar water heaters, solar cookers utilising the energy of the sun and most recently Hydro electric car which runs on hydrogen and electricity to give power to its engine. In addition there is geothermal energy, wind energy and tidal energy.

So, if we want to save our planet, it is necessary to open up to alternate source of energy which is the future of world energy requirement.

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