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All That You Need To Know About MBA in International Business

Posted by : Hitesh on | Mar 25,2015

Today, the world has become a global marketplace where all types of businesses are expanding its skylines to international countries. The competition has increased to such an extent that every business magnates nowadays adopt money-making techniques to flourish in the international business market.

This is why; many organizations nowadays recruit well-rounded professionals who would represent their company internationally with sound and practical knowledge.

MBA in International Business (IB) is one such programme that equip in students the right knowledge and adequate know-how required to take businesses to the entire new level of success.

Moreover, this postgraduate programme is intended to prepare students for the challenges of today’s complex global business environment devoid of geographic boundaries owing to factors such as electronic communication, global distribution networks, and a globalized financial system.

Here’s a concise outline of an MBA programme with international Business Management specialization:

Course Overview:

A MBA in International Business programme typically covers subjects such as: finance, marketing and human resource on an international level.  Throughout the programme, students gain appropriate knowledge on how business organizations operate and gather detailed understanding of the development and implementation of strategy, managerial activities and organizational issues relating to cross border activities.

The postgraduate programme also emphasize on what challenges a professional face in managing international companies, both large and small; the fundamentals of strategic management; cross-cultural management; and also the regulation and politics of international business.

Admission Criteria

A candidate can pursue an MBA in IB after the completion of undergraduate degree in Engineering, medical, science, art and humanities.

To pursue an MBA in International Business, students should appear in CAT/MAT/XAT and score good to get admission in top B-schools in India. Some universities also conduct their own admission examinations with which a candidate can easily make its way to top B-schools in the country and plan the future ahead.

Career Prospects:

A student having the degree in international business management can be a part of private and government sectors. This specialization is also an access to a plenty of job opportunities abroad.

Any person holding a post graduate degree in international business can work in international market department of the companies, international placement offices, import and export departments of companies, global tourism sector, international consultancy firms, airlines, chain restaurants, global shipping companies and international logistics & courier companies.

Some of the common job roles for international business management professionals are: International business consultant, International Business Development Manager, international marketing manager, international finance manager, account manager, brand manager to name a few.


This field offers immense opportunities for a candidate to work in India and abroad and. earn handsome salaries to lead an affluent life.

A postgraduate in international business from a reputed institution can get the starting salary ranging from 5 lakh to 12 lakh per annum according to his/her expertise in the field. As a good rule of thumb, the salary tends to rise after a candidate gathers more experience in the international business management sector.


If you aspire to work with international businesses and want to improve the performance of businesses competing in a rapidly changing global marketplace, International Business Management programme certainly enhances your expertise in the global business and develop in you the true intellect to come up with new ideas that will surely help you face the challenges of globalization more successfully.