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Acupuncture shows encouraging results in Vulvodynia treatment study

Posted by : World News Report on | May 02,2015

Acupuncture shows encouraging results in Vulvodynia treatment study

A research team from China and the United States has developed an acupuncture protocol for treatment of vulvodynia. A recent study has found that the protocol is “feasible” and worthy of further research.
Women with vulvodynia experience chronic pain and discomfort in the vulvar area – the external genitals surrounding the vagina. The slightest touch can induce pain, which makes sexual intercourse difficult.
Past studies on acupuncture and vulvodynia have had encouraging results. This study evaluated a specific acupuncture protocol.
The study involved 36 women with vulvodynia. Half of them received acupuncture twice a week for five weeks. The other half were not treated during the study period.
After five weeks, the women in the acupuncture group had less vulvar pain and less pain during intercourse compared to the untreated women.

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