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Active Eco Friendly Construction at the Site of Premia Corporate City Premia Group

Posted by : on | May 05,2014

Active Eco friendly construction is seen on the site of Premia Corporate city, which was launched by Premia Group last year. The well planned project is in 15 acres of space which will offer a complete corporate city experience that includes 5 Star Hotel, Corporate Offices, Service Studios, Retail Mall, Golf Course, an Amusement Park, Theme Based Restaurants, Cultural Food Courts, Clubs and an endless list of one of a kind facilities & services.
The state of the art well designed boundary wall with the beautifully designed gate was constructed to ensure the safety and cleanliness during the construction phase. Premia Group has adopted eco-friendly practices and materials that reduce its impacts, before we reach a point of irreversible damage to our life supporting systems for construction of its project.
It is using new and improved energy efficient equipment, following the standards of the Eco friendly construction. Chemical pollutants from paints, solvents, plastics and composite timbers, along with biological pollutants such as dust mites and moulds are known to cause symptoms such as asthma, headaches, depression, eczema, palpitations and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Premia’s ways of construction eliminate these problems through good ventilation design, breathable walls, and the use of natural, non-toxic products and materials. Hundred of labours are employed by the group to take up the construction at a fast pace. Premia Group is taking care of building a sustainable building ... the contractor is instructed by the group to implement smart energy strategies like, Works commissioning, taking care of Efficient design and construction, use of efficient appliances, systems and lighting etc
The efficient use of water is another important point that is taken care by the group, asBuildings are considered the main consumers of potable water supply. Normally, we see huge wastage of water during any building development, so, recycled water is used in the construction of the building to save the environment. Apart From this the use of environmentally preferable building materials and specifications can save lot of wastage and pollution.
The waste and toxic chemicals generated while constructing a building can be reduced by Reuse, reduce and recycling of the building material. Premia Corporate city is planned in a way to give world-class facilities and would be one of its kind. This first corporate city will fulfil the entire needs of urban class consumer with new definition of luxury.
The Unique feature, design and architecture would differentiate this city from other players and products from market. Corporate city is a commercial project that would have dedicated corporate towers with different category of offices as per the consumers choice and satisfaction. The space and required facilities are planned in all corporate offices and Business Centre.
Star attraction of this corporate city would be, Exclusive lobby, conference room, convertible work stations, theme restaurants, banks and ATM, Coffee shop, Spa, International Gym, Bar, Multiplexes, Business Centre etc. The team believes in quality life so while designing the corporate city special care of kids have been taken, kids zone and crèche are beautifully designed keeping in mind all requirements. Premia Corporate City will also have its door open for Masses as it would be a complete Corporate and Shopper's destination with unmatched range of services, facilities and amenities of world-class standards.