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Posted by : Flowers Fruits on | Feb 18,2020

Decorative flowers as the name say it all, belong to the floral species, are either dead or alive and are used for decorating the house, a place, a person or a thing. The essence of decorative flowers lies in the fact that they are used as adornments.

Flowers have existed on this Earth even before mankind and civilization. The dainty pretty creatures have never failed to impress men and women. They have been used for ages to decorate the house and the body of men and women. Why? Because of their attractive colors and impressive fragrance. 

Flowers have been an integral part of the growth and development of human civilization. They have been exchanged as gifts for centuries. Not only were these species easily available, but they also looked great as they symbolized hope and positivity. Even today, the custom of gifting flowers and greeting with flowers remains an essential part of human culture.

One of the commonest occasions where flowers are gifted and ordered for bouquet delivery in Chennai is the birthday of a special person. Flowers are naïve and they make a birthday event look graceful and elegant. They are simple; they signify love and affection and hence the person who receives a flower bouquet is never bereft of a smile. If you know of someone who’s birthday is fast approaching, make sure to order for flower delivery in Delhi from the country’s leading florist online, Flowers N Fruits.

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Worldwide history of use of decorative flowers

Egyptians are known to have placed floral species in vases and bowls.

Through ancient sculptures, it has also been discovered that bouquets made with lotus and berries were placed as wreaths on the dead.

Mummies have been found to be wearing flower garlands.

Romans too used cut flowers to decorate their homes in vases. They wore garlands made of decorative flowers and they also had the custom of making flower wreaths for their dead.

In the Gothic period, flowers were given meanings and interpretations. For example, Rose was interpreted as the Virgin in Churches.

During the Renaissance period, garlands and wreaths were revived. In this era, flowers were used to decorate houses too.

In the 17th century BCE, the cult of using flowers as decorative items truly came into existence. Horticulture evolved during this time and so did flower painting as an art form developed.

While the English and the French dominated the use of flowers as decorative pieces in the 18th century; flowers from China had a big contribution to make to this concept in the 19th century.

The 20th century saw the birth of floral decorators, professional florists and interior decorators who mastered the art of decoration with flowers.

Today decorative flowers are widely used in our homes, offices, and for gifts for their beauty and innocence. It is best to order flowers from experts who have a thorough know-how of the subject. To deliver flowers in Chennai, do make sure that you utilize the services of experts in the field.