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A guide to Singapore s Chinatown

Posted by : Manya Singh on | Mar 12,2013

Singapore is a cosmopolitan country of history, heritage, culture, landmarks and food. If you happen to be a peripatetic traveler, then this destination must feature in your bucket list! And one of the biggest prides of Singapore tourism is the Chinatown. This corner was once the hub of the local Chinese community and thus enjoys a heritage appeal. Now, of course, modernization has crept in giving birth to many flashy retail stores. Yet, this is one corner where those heritage buildings and small shops are ubiquitously spread.

Here is a quick guide to what is in store for you in the good, old Chinatown:

i. Plenty of colonial buildings: If you are a die-hard fan of history & heritage, then this place is bound to evoke reminiscences of your childhood. There is nostalgia engraved in every nook & corner. A number of colonial buildings adorn the streets. They are vibrant and colorful, and come with a special appeal.

ii. Shops selling this, that, anything & everything: Chinatown is the ultimate shopping destination for a shopaholic. You will find it hard to find anything which is not available here. The street is littered with shops ranging from the tiny ones to the big malls. The malls are few and far between. A huge chunk of the street is occupied by those roadside stalls & shops where you can buy anything from a mole to a mountain! But bargaining is a must-do activity, unless you have tonsillitis or unless you are Bill Gate’s daughter!

iii. Souvenirs and cultural items: Singapore tour packages compulsorily include Chinatown in their itinerary because tourists love to check out the various items depicting Chinese culture (like a dragon toy) and also collect souvenirs.

iv. Electronics and iPhone cases: Singapore tourism enjoys a long-drawn association with cheap electronics and Chinatown is one area where you can buy every electronic item at a rock-bottom price. In case, you own an iPhone, do check out the various delightful cases which the place has lined up for your eyes!

v. Food, food and more food: The area known as the Chinatown Food Street will instantly seduce you towards itself. And just in case you happen to have a gluttonous appetite, then it would be hard for your family to stop you from running over to this place. From plush restaurants to roadside food stalls, you can choose and pick! You can explore the whole menu and sniff your way to the noodles and local dishes! With food, temples and nostalgia all stacked in one corner, Chinatown is that unique place where you can eat, pray, love!

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