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A guide on what to do after BCA A complete route map

Posted by : Dil Raj on | Jun 23,2020

A guide on what to do after BCA A complete route map

You have completed your BCA from a reputed BCA college in Dehradun and are now worried about further options. Don't worry; it's natural to be confused about the further plans after completing your graduation. Your mind must be juggling with questions like Weather I should go for the job or should carry with further studies, if studies which course will be accurate, etc. If you are that uncertain about what to do after BCA, you are in the accurately right place! This comprehensive guide will help you get certainty about the diverse career choices available after BCA. 


Now that every individual, be it a living being and material objects is speeding towards digitalization, it is fundamental that your training does as well. BCA (Bachelors of Computer Application) happens to be one such degree that is useful and very remunerating in this advanced age. It gives a decent learning involvement with different coding techniques and programming dialects. Since programming frameworks are progressing towards Artificial Intelligence, it is advantageous to have a Bachelor of Computer Application degree. However, the pathway from this position is a little tricky as, after your BCA comes the question, what to do after BCA? Let's delve in further to know the answer!


What about Job after BCA?


Before searching for the scope and job opportunities in the field after BCA, let's know if getting into a Job immediately after completing BCA a good idea or not?

While many people favor having a job right after their BCA, it is advisable to examine all the potentialities before taking the ultimate stride. At this point, the one inquiry you should pose to yourself is, what are my alternatives after BCA?

Although a job in government or private sector as a system engineer, programmer, web developer, or a software developer might appear like an ambitious and rewarding career option, it is not so. Companies that pay well and are well-known in their respective fields require candidates with more qualifications or ample work experience. This is to suffice that the critical the job you will be handed to may not have good money or may not have the requisite growth in your professional vocation. But, if you prioritize the job and want to pursue a career, then there are few poplar job profiles for a BCA graduate:   

System engineer - A system engineer develops, experiments, and evaluates software, circuits, and pcs.

Programmer - The programmer has to develop code for software. A programmer is essentially working in computer languages such as Assembly, Java, Lisp, Python, COBOL, C, C++, C#, etc.

Web Developer - A web developer is a programmer who exercises in the development of world wide web applications. The purpose of a web developer is to develop and maintain websites. A web developer must have skills in CSS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML/XHTML, etc.

Software developer - The individual responsibility of the software developer is to explain software that eases the tasks of the people and equip them to perform work efficiently. A software developer also establishes tests and maintains the software.


What are the options for courses after BCA?


Masters in Computer Application

Going for higher education after your BCA makes sure to get you high yielding outcomes. Depending upon the sort of segment and the kind of profession you need to seek after, there are different post-graduation degrees to browse. The most widely recognized one is seeking a Masters in Computer Application, for example, MCA. It gives one increasingly detailed information regarding the topics focused on the BCA days. Their preferred understudies can choose the specialization in MCA based on their interests and preferences.


Masters in Business Administration

After doing your BCA or as far as a course concerned, one can generally seek after an MBA. A Masters in Business Administration will prepare your administration abilities, which thus will make you programming just as an administrative master. This is definitely not an absolute deviation, as some may see, yet a continuous development process after your BCA. There is a distinction between negligible change and a positive change.


Are their options for the jobs in Government Sector after BCA?


BCA graduates also have excellent employability possibilities in public or government sector organizations. Government organizations like the IAF, thus Indian Air Force, the Indian Army, and India Navy hires a great bunch of computer professionals for their IT department.