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7 Tips on How to Get an Internship as a High School Student

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Oct 26,2016

7 Tips on How to Get an Internship as a High School Student

One of the best and fantastic thing that can happen to a high school student is getting an internship while still at school before even joining a college. High school students can also access to the summer internships for college students and graduates. Statistics have shown that students who get internships in high schools are more attractive especially while looking for summer jobs. Students who seek connection with them as early as at high school level motivate many organizations. The same internships help many students in getting college admissions. The actual process involved in getting the internships requires the students to use their leisure time wisely during the summer breaks from school. You just have to spend approximately fifteen (15) hours in a week so that you can check some of the internship opportunities available and the ones that suit you. Go through this paper to learn and be informed about seven tips on how you can get an internship as a high school student.

1. Identify your interests
The primary thing in finding an internship is focusing on areas and fields that suit your interests in the long term. For example, in case you want to work in finance and accounting departments, you must search for an internship with accounting or finance agencies such as banks. If your interest is science field, go for environmental organizations. The products design firms or marketing will suit you in the case your orientation is arts and design. If you do not know what your interests are, come up with a list of topics or fields that are appealing to you. Determine those activities you love being engaged in.

2. Inquire with personal connections
Interactions and personal relationships always act as an impressive source of various internship opportunities. The chances of getting the internships are high with links simply because you have a wider network to source. Your friends, parents, coaches as well as your high school teachers are some of the people you should approach as early as possible. They may be the people who may know of an internship that suits you. The social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and LinkedIn are also very resourceful regarding internships.

3. Search online
As a high school student, you do not have to wonder where to find internships. Online platforms offer both the recent and past available internship opportunities. The so-called Internship programs and the Inter match programs have databases that allow you to search for internships based on your location and interests. Use the Yelp as well as the Google to find some of the local companies and business before considering whether to contact them to seek for internship chances. Always remember, most of the rewarding and exciting internship opportunities are offered by entities that do offer formal or regular internship programs. Getting the internship in a small organization is very simple. It is nice to try than fail to try.

4. Have your resume ready
Being a high school student does not mean that your experience and education background is not relevant. You must come up with organized and error free record of what you have done before. At times, a company can give you an internship based on how you have written your profile and therefore it is good you write it in a professional manner. If you are not in a position of coming up with a quality and professional resume, you may consider approaching online essay writing service. Besides, have something or a skill a given entity require to improve your chances of getting the internship opportunity. Your application must be flawless.

5. Craft your elevator pitch
Besides your resume, come up with a professional approach or an original message while approaching a given institution. A right elevator pitch will help you to explain your goals and objectives within a short time. Inform the management about your desire to work with them and point out your area of specialization. You must also convince them why they should hire a high school student like you. Show that your primary goal is to learn and not to be paid.

6. Cautiousness while evaluating internship opportunities
Be informed that most of the organizations offering jobs for students in high schools exploit or take advantage of the students. Some of them give vague responsibilities and descriptions especially to freshmen only to find that they are after wasting your time and energy doing tasks that are entirely different from what you were looking for instead of being trained. Seek for an entity that offers proper training. In simple terms, rely on your knowledge and common sense to evaluate ideal and correct internship position.

7. Prepare for interview
You may get the internships chance but become rejected during the interview. To repay your long time search and inquiries, you must be ready if called for an interview. Meeting your employer to be in the future requires you to do thorough preparation for the interview. Trip the hair appropriately and wear officially. In the case it is a phone interview, be polite while talking. Be ready to discuss and explain everything you mentioned in your resume. Also, get informed about the company you are to work for after getting the job. The same case applies on how to find summer internships for college students.